Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This weekend was GREAT!!  Saturday morning I went to a friends house for a bit to hang out.  When we got home, Jeremy was up from sleeping after his night shift.  He said lets go somewhere this weekend.  We have been wanting to go to the Black Hills for awhile but decided since it would be quite a drive that we should save that for another time.  We ended up going to Niobrara.  I have never been there but was excited to get out and about for the beautiful weekend.  So we quickly packed up, asked my dad to watch our dogs and took off!  We got to Niobrara State Park and found cabins.  They looked really nice and would be perfect to stay in!  When we found the office it said it was closed on weekends.  We were pretty confused but decided to find a place to picnic.  We had packed food before we left (and I packed shakes, bars, and pretzels.)  We were getting started with our picnic when the ranger (Ranger Rick as Jeremy called him) came by.  He got us hooked up with a permit, since we were confused about that.  He also said the cabins were all filled for the weekend and you have to call ahead to get one.  One great reason to "have to" come back!  We finished our picnic and drove around a little bit.  Then we decided to find a place to stay.  In town was a little motel but there seemed to be a pretty rowdy crowd there.  We drove a little to Springfield where there was another little motel called the Wagon Wheel.  It was a perfect place for us to stay for the night.  After we got our bags in the room we went for a walk.  We were going to find a park but it got too dark for us and we just went to get pop and water at the convenience store.  The next morning we went back to the park and found the foot trails.  Off we went!  I took some great pictures until I realized that I had forgotten my card and the pictures were all internally stored... I'll have to work on getting the pictures off of my camera.  There was a few really cute ones with Brayden and the girls holding hands and walking ahead of us on the path.  So sweet!  After our walk on the foot paths, we were a little worn out and decided to stop for another picnic before heading out.  We had to be out by 11am when our permit expired.  From Niobrara we went to Gavin's Point Dam.  We went to the dam and watched the fish and a scuba diver.  Then we found a park by the river and hung out for a couple hours.  It was so beautiful and fun.  The kids had so much fun.  On the way home Jeremy and I decided that if we wouldn't have decided to take our little impromptu trip we would most likely had been just hanging out at home, maybe in our backyard but we definitely wouldn't have had that much fun with each other.

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