Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't listen to me

I've been thinking about what I blogged about earlier (thanks to Margene).  I was trying to justify myself going off plan.  I was thinking on my drive to the gym about how it's like a drug user.  A drug user might say they are "only smoking pot"  it's not that big of a deal, compared to harder drugs, it's not like I'm doing meth.... and smoking pot helps me calm down.  When in reality, it's all illegal.  Me going off plan is "illegal"  even if I only go off just a little.  I need to abide by the "law" and stay on plan.  I'm going to work on it one day at a time.  Every day on plan is one day closer to my goal. 

Thank you Margene for your guidence.  I need a little reminder... (really, I knew it wasn't good... I was just trying to tell myself it was ok.)

Guess what?!  ...I ran today!  I got to the gym a little later than I origionally had planned, so, I wanted to make sure I really pushed myself.  I did 10 min on the eliptical at a resistance of 10... burned 100 cal.  Then I went to the treadmill and set the time for 10 min.  I walked for 1.5 min at 3.5mph then ran for 1.5 min at 5.5 mph (repeated) then (since I had a sideache) I walked for 2.5 min at 3.5mph then ran for the last 1.5min at 5.5 (actually I think the last 30 sec I slowed it down to 5mph cause it was a little to much for me).  I was definitely tired!  I had some time left so I jumped on the bike and went for 2 miles.... I did the mini course again, only this time I signed in to my account.

I'm so excited to weigh tomorrow!!

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  1. Great job!! Way to push yourself at the gym. I bet that felt great!!