Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 2

So yesterday was "Weigh Wednesday" as I like to call it.  AND I LOST 5 POUNDS!!  That makes 19 lbs lost in 2 weeks!!  I just can't believe it!  My current weight is 315 lbs.  Now, to reach my goal of 299 lbs by May 12th, it would be perfect if I lost 4 lbs next week then 3 lbs for the next 4 weeks.  I don't know if it will work that way or not, but it would be pretty awesome! :)

I tried on dresses yesterday and the one white one with flowers that I thought I'd really liked didn't work as well on.  I really liked it still but it was so low cut and my boobs are bigger than the average Jane, so they were basically hanging out.  It barely covered my bra.  I did try on a couple more dresses that I liked.  I was pretty excited when I put on the size 24... although I couldn't zip it.. partially because I couldn't reach and probably partially because it wouldn't have fully zipped ...but I hoped it would by the time the wedding gets here.  There was one I really liked that fit well (as far as my boobs weren't hanging out).  Of course it was the most expensive one, but if I get it while its still 30% off I could save $25-$30.  Also, it was the only one left in my size and they don't have it online that I found.  I didn't get it but I want to go back and get it.  We'll see.

Yesterday, I was planning on going to a class at the gym.  Since I have been a member I have been to one class.  It was taught by my friend and it's called "Group Power."  It's basically all weight lifting.  I like it because it works the muscles really well and I don't really venture into the weight area of the gym.  I walk through it on my way to the ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes but that's about it.  When I went to a different gym (one that's a lot smaller) I used the weight machines a lot more.  Anyways, yesterday I was going to go but I was so unorganized... I couldn't find my sports bra (I wear it over my regular bra for added support) then I left home and got about 7 miles away when I realized I forgot one of my meals.  So, I turned around to get it.  By the time I got to the gym I was too late to go to the class.  I'm going to go tomorrow.  I did ride the bike for the first time since last September!  I love their bikes!  They are called Expresso bikes.  They are virtual bikes and have different trails or paths to follow.  You have to steer through the path and if the path goes uphill it's harder to pedal... just like a real bike.  You can sign in and it keeps track of your previous times.  Then you can race against yourself... which is fun!  Yesterday, I couldn't remember my password (since it had been so long) so I rode as a guest.  I tried a new trail that was fun.  It was a backyard, only it was BIG like you were a mouse riding through it... it was a 2 mile course.

                                    One of the courses I've done in the past.              
The new course I tried yesterday!

                                                This is what it looks like!

If your gym has one of these and you haven't tried it... hop on and try it!  It's fun and addicting!!

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  1. 5 pounds is incredible!!! Keep it up girl!
    PROUD of you going to the gym! You are on fire!!! As a matter of fact I am on the couch and getting up to get on the treadmill after reading this! Thank you for the much needed motivation!
    Have a PRETTY day!