Saturday, April 7, 2012


So, I decided to get the dress I liked the other day.  I hoped it wasn't gone since it was the only one left in my size.  I walked in the store and went straight to the rack and... YES!  it was there!  I found a coupon online to use but it was buy $75 get $25 off.  So, after the 30% off my dress I would be under the $75, so I decided to get a pair of shorts, too.  I was pretty pumped because my other shorts that I've been wearing (that I don't really like because they are knee length shorts) are now too big- yippie!  Of course they didn't have the wash of shorts I like in my size... they didn't even have my size in my second choice wash.  Luckily, I could buy them in the store and have them ordered online to be sent to my house for free!  So, they had white shorts that I tried on for size.  I grabbed a 24 thinking that I could try them and maybe fit in them in a few weeks.  Pulled them on and they fit perfectly!  I was like YES!!!  I tried the dress on again and tried turning my hand under to pull the zipper together... I think it's going to go together pretty easily, too! :)  I'm pretty happy because I think I will wear it next Saturday for Bailey's baptism.  I will post pictures of me wearing it, but until then here is the print (they don't have the actual dress online)
                                           I also got these shorts

It was such a great feeling to leave the store and actually feel good.  I usually get halfway depressed when I go shopping for myself.  The clothes never look good and fit funny or tight.  Now, I can be proud because I know that my body is getting slimmer and smaller sizes are fitting me... it wasn't that long ago that size 28 fit me.  I remember thinking that it was terrible because it's the largest size Lane Bryant carries... if I outgrew that then what?!

My shopping experience helped me throughout the day, too.  I got to work and it was one of the students last days so they had a huge Easter basket full of candy and a big pan of banana bars.  Everyone was talking about how wonderful the banana bars were... it helped when my friend Jodi said she thought the frosting wasn't very good.  Then I went to Walmart last night to get stuff for Easter baskets.  I did get a little candy for them but hardly any compared to years past.  I did get books, a movie, neat color bubbles and a little toy for each of them.  But it was so hard passing up the peanut butter eggs.  I thought to myself several times that I would get some for Jeremy and let myself have one.  WHAT?!  After all my success, I'm going to go messing it up?  Heck no!  I didn't get any peanut butter eggs!

Also, more people are noticing I'm losing weight! Super YAY!  Jeremy told me he can see my body getting more shape, my friend Erin told me she could tell, my babysitter had noticed on Wednesday, last night a girl I work with said she could really tell, too!  That makes me so excited!!

I'm going to post pictures of myself once a month.  That way I can see for myself how my body is changing.  I was reading on a blog somewhere that a girl didn't really notice she was losing weight because most of the pictures she was looking at were of her face.  While she could see changes, it wasn't as dramatic as seeing full body pictures.  She still had issues with picturing herself as her obese self.  I always thought that was weird.... being thin but picturing yourself as heavy.  I realized that I have the same issue... only opposite.  I still picture myself as my high school or early college self.  That's why I get so shocked when I see pictures of my body.  I have had this body for 7 years and I still get shocked when I see in a picture how big I am.  I was still overweight in high school but I weighed between 240-250 lbs.  ...that's 75 lbs ago!

               Here is one from prom.... I'm the tall one standing in the back
It's so crazy... I thought I was so fat then!  I would love to be at that weight right now!

Well, our town is having an Easter egg hunt in an hour.  I better get the kids ready to go!

I just noticed I have my very first follower!! :)  Amy Lee at Simply Amy   She has lost over 100 lbs!!  I just found her blog a couple days ago and started reading through her journey.  She looks great!  A great inspiration to me!! :)

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