Wednesday, April 18, 2012

On my way to goal!

I'm at another Weight Wednesday.  AND... I LOST 3 POUNDS!! 

I'm currently at 308 lbs.  To make my goal of 299 lbs by May 12th, I need to lose 3 lbs for the next 3 weeks.  I'm going to take a chance and stray away from that goal.  I feel confident that I can reach up to a five pound loss this week.  I have high workout goals and plan on kicking it hard!

                       Yesterday I bought this issue of Runners World. 

I was excited because it was just what I was hoping for.  It's the beginners issue.  So, in this issue is a bunch of helpful advice for beginners.  The reason I got the magazine is because I talked a little with someone I know, who blogged about running.  I decided to set a goal to run a 5K this fall sometime.  I haven't decided what race but I will do at least one.  I don't really know how to train or how to start out... except just to either hop on the treadmill and go or get out in the street and start.  ...which is basically what I need to do.. I just need some more direction.  I have done 3 5K's in the past.  The first one was the Spring Thaw in 2010, then the June E Nylen breast cancer 5K in 2010, then the June E Nylen breast cancer 5K in 2011.  I wish I could do it again this year but it's the day after Andrea's wedding and I just don't think I'll be up to it.  The Spring Thaw that I did, I tried my best to do a little running but I mostly walked... my friend Jodi came back and finished the race with me though... which was pretty awesome!  Both of the cancer 5K's I walked.  We had a large group and I was with a group both times that walked.  Last year I pushed the girls in the stroller.  They have it on Mother's Day, so it was kinda neat.  I hope that next year I can do it with them again.

Last Saturday was baby Bailey's big day!!  She became baptized into the Catholic Church!!  It's not the best picture of everyone but, it was the only one that got taken on my camera.  So, here is Jason (Erin's brother), Father Roder, Me, and Bailey.

This week, I've been trying different lean and greens.  I made one that I simply sauteed green and red bell peppers with chicken broth, added some leftover grilled chicken, and a little cauliflower that I had, and since I didn't have enough chicken, I added some shrimp.  I sprinkled on a little seasoning and it was delish!!
              It's a little blurry but it's because it was steaming!

I'll have to take some pics of the others I made.  I know I'll make them again.  I made a simmered cabbage dish that I really like.  Tonight, I'm having another cabbage dish I like.  The one I made tonight is served cold and I had chicken to go with it.

I hope to get back on here before next Wednesday... I can't believe I went all week without posting once!  I'll let you all know how my running career is going and get some more pictures of my lean and greens.

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