Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30 Day Shred

Last June I attempted the 30 Day Shred.  I didn't do too bad.  I didn't complete it, though.  I'd like to try it again.  It's only 30 days, right?!  I wanted to do the Bob Harper workout I have but can not find it anywhere!  Who knows what happened to it.  I did see the Jillian Michaels workout, though.  I messaged my friend Mandey to see if she wanted to do it with me.  I think I'll do it even if she doesn't, though.

So, I think this will be my friend for the next month.

Hopefully I'm not trying to do too much!  I still want to go to the gym at least 3 times per week, go on walks often, start bike riding and go on hikes! I did today with my friend Kylee!!  We had a lot of fun and was out on the trails for about an hour.  There are some steep inclines!!  We are planning on going again tomorrow morning if it works out.  I'd like to go on hikes a couple times a week... and she said she'd like to as well!  It's fun finding fun ways to get in a great workout!!  We forgot to take a picture today, so we'll try to remember tomorrow.

Update:  Well, it's official.  As I was finishing this post, I thought to myself... why don't I ask Kylee to do the 30DS Challenge with me?!  So, I called her and she's in!  We also decided today that we should start rollerblading again.  When we were younger we went rollerblading a lot!  She could have been in the US Olympics for rollerblading ...while I was... happy to not be on the pavement!  Also, I think I might get rollerblades for Brayden for his birthday.  He likes putting mine on and rolling around the house.  I think he'd like a pair of his own that actually fit him.  Plus, I think he'd be more my speed!!

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  1. Hi Megan! I just have to say that you are one awesome woman! I have been following your blog for about 2 months now and you are really an inspiration to me. About a year ago, I was on a operating table getting my gall bladder out. Well a very easy two hour surgery, turned into a 6 hour surgery with me coding on the table twice. The main contributor was my weight. I weighed in before surgery a whomping 360 pounds. I decided it was time to do something about it. So I got on the HCG diet which let me lose 80 pounds before my wedding on Labor Day weekend last year. The only thing was, I was starving myself and that is all that diet is. STARVATION!! Now that I am off the diet, of course I have gain about 40 pounds back. You blog has really helped me because I know there is someone out there that has the same ups and downs as I do. Long story short....(ya right) So anywho.....It's funny that you posted this today, because starting June 1st, I'm doing the 30DS Challenge also!

    So if you need a friend that is in pain along with you throughout the month of June....I'm the gal! Thanks again for all the inspiration!!!