Friday, June 1, 2012

Workout Buddy

Yesterday, Kylee and I were going to go on another hike but right when we walked out the door to go, it started raining.  So, we decided to go to the gym instead.  The high school gym in Mapleton is open to the public to use if you have a fob.  It's little but it has everything you need to get a good workout in... and it kept us dry... well dry from the rain, we worked up a pretty good sweat!  We went on the elliptical and then lifted weights.  She showed me a bunch of moves her trainer, she had a couple years ago, had her do.  They were hard!  One was push ups with weights in your hand.  It's hard because the hand weights are circular and you have to hold your balance at the same time you are doing your push up.  Then we did push ups with something under our chest and you had to go low enough to touch it.  We also did sit ups and "played catch" with a medicine ball.  Every time we caught it, we caught it in a squat.  That worked the whole body.  It was a pretty good workout!  We decided to be goofy and take some pictures.

A couple nights ago I was a little low on greens.  I cut up the bell peppers I had with some chicken and sauteed it with a little orange ginger sauce.  Very tasty!!

I guess a gal I work with told someone that 170 pounds is too low of a weight for me to shoot for.  I wanted to check the BMI thing to make sure it was within the "healthy" category.  It's actually on the high end of the healthy category.  I decided to check my BMI.  Guess what?!  It went from "extremely obese" to plain ol' "obese."  Haha... weird thing to be excited about.  At my heaviest, my BMI would have been 50.  When I started Take Shape For Life it was 47.  Currently, it's 40.

Today is DAY 1 of the 30 Day Shred Challenge!  Better get going!  

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