Saturday, June 9, 2012

Busy Lady!

Wow!  I've been one busy lady!  T-ball has started, gardening, work, working out, playing outside, swimming... it goes on and on!  Today was a fun filled day.  We started out by going to the Y.  The kids went to play with the other kids in the child watch areas and I went to workout.  I was going to go to a class but I was a little late to go to group active and I completely forgot about Group Grove after it.  I went on the elliptical for 25min then did some weight lifting.  I used several of the machines that works the arms and shoulders.  Then I went on the expresso bike.  I did a 5 mile course in 18:04.  I finished off my workout by swimming laps!  It was an awesome workout!  We stopped at Wal-mart and picked up a few things for tomorrow... Brayden is turning 7!  We got home and about an hour later went to Crawford Creek to go swimming with some friends.  It was beautiful!  The water was a little cold but the sun felt nice.  Now I think I'm going to clean up my house, maybe read a magazine I got the other day and relax.  Even though I worked out this morning I think I'm still going to do the 30DS because I haven't done it all week!  I have just been so busy and haven't squeezed it in.

The other day I went to a water aerobics class.  I have never been to one and it was fun!  It was a workout, too!  I could feel my face sweating and hot.  They have the classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings.  I'm going to try to go to them when I can.  (They have them at other times but not any times I can go to.)

I lost 5 pounds this week!  I want to really kick it in gear and try and do that every week this month.  I really want to win the little competition my coach is having!!

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  1. Wow you accomplished a lot!! Way to go on your weight loss. Keep it up and stay focused!!