Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dusting myself off

Well, last week was .... not the best.  I didn't have a loss, but I kinda expected it.  I hadn't been to the gym and I went off the deep end with eating off plan.  It did show me that I can't for one second let my guard down.  So, I started fresh and I'm back on plan.  I WILL NOT GIVE UP!  I brushed the dirt off and got myself back in the game. 

I realized I need to set some new goals.  Goal #1:  Reach 292 lbs by 5/23.  That is next Wednesday.  I ordered a bunch of Mary Kay and will give it to myself when I reach that goal.  The reason I chose this number is because that is my lowest weight since during my pregnancy with Brayden (who will turn 7 on June 10th)  Goal #2:  Reach 273 lbs by 6/24.  That is the day of my family reunion.  That weight is one pound less that my weight at my first Dr.'s appointment when I was pregnant with Brayden.  I had originally thought it would be neat to reach that weight by his birthday but setting that goal, I'm afraid, would be setting myself up for failure.

I went to the gym today for the first time in several days.  It felt good!  I rode the expresso bike and beat my ghost!!  I'm excited for next week, I work evenings so I'm going to go to the two Group Ride classes next week! 

I have had a ton of things going on in the last two weeks!  I've been thinking about all the tings I want to blog about!  My friend gave me several pair of her old workout pants that she has "outgrown" ...so awesome, since I only had two ...one that I like to wear to the gym.  Now I have options! haha!  My mom bought me two new pairs of jeans.  My old ones were very worn out and she refused to patch them anymore.  I didn't really want to buy new jeans yet but I'm glad she offered.  It worked out perfectly because they just so happened to be having a big sale!  AND... I was able to buy them in a size smaller than I thought I'd be buying!  I started my journey wearing a size 28.  My size 26 jeans were getting big on me so I figured I'd be getting a size 24 ... the same size of the shorts I bought and wear.  When I got there, the jeans I used to get were not being made anymore and they now make these tighter tummy technology jeans.  The sales lady said that most people have to buy a size smaller... and I did!  My jeans are both a size 22! 

This last weekend I was at my friend Andrea's wedding.  It was a beautiful weekend!  I thought it was awesome that I had reached my goal and my dress fit nicely.  When I bought it, it was tight but it fit well at her wedding.  I felt pretty and not really too self conscious.  I loved how my hair was done... I'm going to try it myself sometime.  Which brings me to my next topic... I think I'm turning into a girl!  LOL!  I mean... I just bought a bunch of makeup and am excited to get it!  I wear makeup sometimes... like when I go out with friends or other special occasions.  I don't wear it on a daily basis.  I would like to, though.  I think I look nice with makeup on.  I also have been watching hair tutorials on a blog a friend showed me.  I think losing weight and gaining confidence and self respect has inspired me to want to make myself look more beautiful.

I will be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some pictures!! 

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  1. That is VERY COOL about getting pants down to size 22. How fun is that!! I remember in my journey, how exciting it was to go into a store and see what I could fit into. It's remembering THOSE things that helps me stay on plan and stick to the healthy foods I should. Nothing makes up for how good it feels to eat well! I love your persistent spirit and NOT letting a stumble set you back. Onward and forward.... smiling and enjoying every moment. :) Way to go.