Saturday, May 19, 2012

Picture time!

I have so many things to show you all!

First off... I got a haircut as part of a gift to myself for reaching my goal.  I really like it!!  I also got hi-lights!  My friend Linda cuts my hair.  She has cut my hair since High School!  Last year, we were both so busy and I wanted to cut off my hair to give to Locks of Love.  I finally just went down to the local hair lady, who cuts Jeremy and Brayden's hair.  She cut off 17 inches!  I planned on going back to Linda to have her cut it how she does so I just had it cut straight off.  I'm glad to finally have some layers back in my hair.  Here is the before and after...

                               It's still a little wet but ... Isn't that SO MUCH better?! 

I also wanted to show you a few pictures from the wedding.  I realized afterwards that I didn't take any of the wedding or any of her decorations... just of people.  I guess during the wedding I was busy doing everything that I needed to do.  I was a personal attendant and one of the hosts.  I stayed fairly busy the entire weekend.  The wedding was at Ponca State Park.  It was so nice!  I really want to go back to the park and stay sometime.  Even if we don't get a cabin we could just spend the day there or even camp.  The kids are getting old enough that it might be possible to camp.  I think we might try it out this summer. 

            This was the night before, after the rehearsal.  These are pretty much all of my closest friends... minus a couple.  We have all been best friends since High School.  (from left to right) Linda, Kylee, Mindi, Sammie, Andrea, and me.
                               During the wedding.  Mindi and me.
               Me, Andrea (the beautiful bride), and Jennifer of my other closest friends from H.S. ...unfortunately we don't get to hang out as much but I still love her! :)  Andrea's mom sewed her wedding dress (and all the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses)  isn't it beautiful!  I wish I had a view of the whole thing... the bottom part was very detailed and pretty.

Here's the jeans my mom bought me.  It's not the best picture but I figured I'd post it anyways.

I will be back later with pictures of the garden.  I'm actually just taking a break for a bit.  I spent about 4 hours in the garden already today.  It's looking pretty good.  We have almost everything planted!!  Now we just have to finish mulching, hoeing, and weeding.  We are going to have so many wonderful greens from the garden!  I'm so excited!!  Can you believe we have 35 pepper plants?!  A bunch of different varieties that I'm excited to cook with.  I've already had a little radish.  It shouldn't be too long before they are ready. 

Oh My Gosh!  I nearly forgot!  I weighed on Thursday and weight loss this week (since starting over on Monday) is 2 pounds.  Actually, I could consider it more, because after last week I believe I had gained a little back.  So, back on track and I'm at 295 lbs.  3 more pounds and I will be at the lowest weight since during my pregnancy with Brayden!  Exciting!!

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  1. Congrats on your loss this last week... and your garden. Good stuff!! Veggies from the garden are the best. You have such wonderful friends and family... so much to bring you joy, girl!! Stay focused and on plan - you are rockin' ;)