Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Walking Partner!

I have a new walking partner!!  We went on our first walk today!

Meet Sookie...

We got Sookie as a puppy last summer.  She is a great dog.  She is a mix (golden retriever/border collie mix ...and I think there might be a little lab, too)  In case you are wondering about her name... mine and Jeremy's favorite TV show is True Blood on HBO.  The female main character is named Sookie.  Believe it or not... this is her first walk.  Terrible isn't it?!  We have a fenced in backyard where she roams and runs.  I got her a leash but it was one of those retractable ones and it said on it not to use with dogs that resist or pull.  I put her on it one time and knew that I had to get something different.  So, lastnight I got her a harness and a regular leash.  Today I hooked her up and off we went.  She did not like it at first.  She laid down and jumped on me.  She kept jumping on my back.  She pulled hard against the leash.  After about 2 1/2 blocks, she was starting to do really well!  We walked for awhile and walked up to the acreage and checked on the garden.  The storm that rolled through lastnight made the trees drop some branches but it wasn't too bad.  We went on with our walk and even stopped and talked to someone for a couple minutes.  She did great!  I need to get her out and about more to become a little more socialized.  I'm glad I have a new walking partner!  I do have another walking partner... I will introduce her another day... :)

Yesterday I was weeding and transplanting my hostas.  Look what I found when I went out there!

I guess that is another bonus to losing weight and being more productive!!  The old me probably wouldn't have even been out there in the first place.

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  1. Awesome walking partner! You both need each other! Very cool. I always say "the old me" too. It's fun to see all the things I do differently and new things I do that the "old me" would never do! I love that!