Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Starting Tomorrow!!!

So, my packages came today!!

I couldn't wait to get home and see... but I stopped at Walmart before I came home to do a little "lean and green" shopping.  I wasn't actually planning on starting until Thursday but when I talked to my coach this evening she said, "Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow night!"  So, I guess that settles it.  I am starting tomorrow.  Why not?  I am really excited to start so I might as well start as soon as possible, right?  I thought that I would need to read through stuff to make sure I'm prepared, but really I don't.  I read the getting started guide in the email she sent me last week and know my options.  Anything else I can learn along the way.  I don't need to know every rule before I start.  Secretly, I guess I wanted to wait so I could eat a few more of the forbidden foods.  I have some things that I got from Tastefully Simple a few weeks ago that I have yet to make.  What was I going to do?  Make the cheeseball and eat the whole thing in one night?  What a waste.  I will start tomorrow and take advantage of every possible day I have.

I have been eating a lot more this week, I think.  I saw in a vlog someone reference it as "last supper syndrome."  As a result, I think I've gained a little this week.  I am going to make my "official weigh-in" tomorrow morning when I get to work.  I expect it to be anywhere from 330-335 lbs.

I am going to vow to myself that I will completely stick to this plan.  If I slip up and eat off plan it will throw off my body and get it out of the fat burning stage and waste the next 3-5 days getting back into that stage... thus wasting time and food (that's like $30 in food) -is any little treat worth that cost or more importantly the cost of what I've set out to do?

I found my little lunch bag I bought last year at a ThirtyOne party.  It's so cute! 
It will be perfect for my meals at work.  I looked for a water bottle at Walmart tonight but didn't find what I was looking for.  I'm going to make a quick stop at Target tomorrow.  My goal, set by my coach, is to drink half my body weight in fluid ounces.  So, my goal is 165 ounces.  That's a lot of freeking water!!  I think it's a good day when I have 3 jugs of water at work... I need to, in a day's time, drink more than 5!  I actually do really well drinking water at work, usually.  I am, however, a terrible water drinker at home!  When Jeremy and I first started dating we both drank water so well.  He was always fixing mugs of ice water for us... it was awesome!  Now, it's usually pop.  Speaking of pop- I am making a pop goal for myself, too.  I am starting out by limiting myself to one can a day.

I can't believe how fast this evening has gone!  It's already almost 10:00!  ...and I realized about 5 minutes ago... with all the excitement, I missed one of my favorite shows.  Switched at Birth on ABC Family.  I love sign language and I think it's a really neat show that involves deaf characters. ...and tonight was the spring finale!  I'll have to see if I can find it online... fingers crossed!

Alrighty!  I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how Day 1 went! :)

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