Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 5

Still doing well!  Although, I think it's funny... I had dreams last night that I was going off plan and cheating.  I woke up and had to think and realize it was all in the dream.  haha!  It probably has to do with the fact that we finally got our 4H fruit, string cheese, and beef sticks we had ordered a while ago.  I was pretty bummed when I got home and this was sitting on the table....
...and I realized it's not on plan, yet.  Oh well, the kids and Jeremy can enjoy them and the beef and cheese sticks.  They also enjoyed Pizza Hut last night when I was at work.  There were leftovers in the fridge when I got home... it's all cool.  I'm not bothered, really!

This morning has been nice.  I got to sleep in a little bit and made scrambled eggs for breakfast with salsa.  Very good!  I do have a headache.  I'm trying to get some water in to help relieve it, possibly.  I might have to break down and have a pop.  I haven't had one since Thursday morning!

I also had Jeremy take some "before" pictures of me again.  I know I have a lot of "before" pictures but I still like comparing them.

Last night I steamed broccoli in a steamer bag.  I used spray butter and Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb.  I had chicken with it.  It was so tasty!  I'll probably have it again tonight!

The other night when I was going to try the soft serve, I couldn't because I couldn't find the blade to our magic bullet.  So, last night I made the chocolate mint one at work.  It was so good and I imagine it would satisfy any ice cream craving!  Am I really eating these things AND losing weight?

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