Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 4

Yesterday was a fun day!  Although, my meals were a little messed up, it worked out perfectly.  I took a LONG nap yesterday afternoon.  Yesterday evening and night I actually went out!  One of my friends had a Passion Party at her house that I went to, crazy girls equals a pretty fun evening!  Then when the party was over I text one of my friends.  She was getting off work and another friend was on her way home from a family thing.  We all met at our little town bar and hung out for a few hours.  I had my water bottle and drank water.  It's funny how when you don't drink you make the people with you uncomfortable... that's after they gave me the 3rd degree about being pregnant or not! haha!  It really wasn't a big deal though because I rarely drink when I go out.  I hate hangovers, especially when I have to get up early and try to be alive enough to take care of my kids.  I finished my bottle of water and the nice bartender asked if I wanted it filled again... how nice was that?! small towns.  Oh so, my meals were so messed up because I slept through one of them, then I took my salad with me to the party and forgot a fork but decided I'd eat it there.  When I got there they had already started the presentation so I didn't really want to be munching on salad.  I brought some pretzels and had those instead.  After the party I drove home and had my salad before going out with my friends.  When I got back I had my last Medifast meal.  It worked out perfectly!  Yesterday was Friday and during Lent I don't eat meat.  I had tuna, which I love!  I love these flavored tuna packs!  There are several different flavors.

Yesterday I made the eggs.  I was so apprehensive about them.  When Jeremy and I first started dating, he had powdered eggs and they were so disgusting!  I assumed these would be the same but they weren't at all!  I actually really liked them!  I had them with some medium salsa.  MMM! 
                        I'm not the best scrambled eggs maker. haha! 

Yesterday I got two food magazines in the mail!  Look at that cheesecake!!
I had looked through the Taste of Home magazine and actually found some pretty good lean and green recipes.  There was a page on asparagus and a bunch of fish recipes.  I'm going to take the Cooking Light one with me tonight and look at it at work if I have time.  This is the first Cooking Light magazine I've received.  I think I'll like it.  Looking at the cover, I'll have to find out if avocado is on the plan.  Probably not.  Oh well, I can live without it.

I have a feeling the acid reflux I've been experiencing has to do with the flavor packs I've been putting in my water.  I'm going to try to use them less and see if it helps.  I have been using them with the majority of the water I've been drinking.

I've also been experiencing a weird feeling.  It's a warming sensation on the sole of my right foot.  It comes and goes and lasts a few seconds.  I have no idea why.  It doesn't hurt at all... it kinda feels good actually.   It's just weird.

This morning I didn't really know what to make for breakfast.  I was feeling cold and decided to make the cappuccino.  I really enjoyed it.  It was warm and sweet.
I think it's so great that I don't feel like I'm "dieting"!  I don't feel deprived and I don't feel like attacking all food that is "forbidden".  Last night I made a family favorite, cornbread casserole.  It didn't bother me that I wasn't going to eat any of it.  I also left soon after it was done cooking but I think I could have stayed and still felt good.  At the party there was a lot of junk food and I didn't feel tempted at all.  At the bar, one of my friends had chips, they smelled good but I wasn't bothered or hungry for some.  I just think it's so amazing how this is changing me.  I am so excited for the months to come!  I'm also really anxious to see what the scale is going to say on Wednesday.  I'm going to be at work today and it's going to be hard not to sneak back to MRI to weigh myself.  It's like Christmas!  I can wait! haha

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