Monday, March 19, 2012

Patiently Waiting

EEK!!  I'm excited to begin my new adventure! :)  I've been checking my email non-stop to see the shipping information updates and... nothing!  My packages departed from Texas at 2am on Friday and hasn't been updated yet... ok, I realize we had a weekend but give me an update!  I wish they were coming today, since I have the day off.  According to the email I should receive the packages tomorrow.  So, I plan on reading the information and whatnot and starting on Thursday.  So, 3-22-12 will be my start day and the first day of the rest of my life!  I've spent my weekend checking out video's and before and after pics and recipe ideas on Facebook.  There is a guy doing the program right now.  His name is Daniel Cox.  He has a bunch of videos that are really great.  Today was a video about the Peanut Butter Egg Siren -haha!  How he was walking through the grocery store and the peanut butter egg was calling his name and teasing him.  He went on to say that it's just trash talk and trash deserves to be in the garbage.  I don't know... those peanut butter eggs were a creation of the gods ... they are amazing as far as I'm concerned!  Although, it's not worth it... not to mention they are a little pricey.  I've also been checking out vlogs and whatnot on youtube.  I found one that I really liked and she was doing Medifast, also!  Then I found out A. she quit the program after a month and B. it's a couple years later and she still hasn't lost weight.  ...sound familiar?  jeez.  Well, I plan on sticking to the program.  I am very motivated and excited!!  I couldn't fault her for not losing weight because I am in a similar situation.  I am desperate but am still stuck in my old ways.  We are different in a way, I believe.  I watched one of her vlogs where she was really upset.  She was afraid of losing weight and said she would be losing her protective barrier.  That is far from the truth for me.  For me, my body is not a protective barrier at all.  I feel more like, me standing in a battle field with no protection or weapons.  I am most noticeable and the easiest target.  Not that I want to blend in more.  I'd just like it to be my personality and witt that makes me stand out instead of my body.

I was thinking about making a list of reasons that I need to stick to the program and lose weight.  That way I have something to look back at when I'm feeling discouraged or having a rough day with temptations.  I'm sure I will not think of every reason but I'll start with 10 reasons.  Then occasionally, I will add another 10 reasons.  This is in no particular order.

1. Feel better about myself
2. Have more confidence
3. Have more energy
4. Be a good role model for my kids
5. Be more comfortable in my own skin
6. Be able to be described as something other than "fat" or "the big girl"
7. Be able to buy clothes at regular stores
8. Feel good about how clothes look on me
9. Not have my bras make my sides really sore
10. Better sex :)

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