Monday, June 6, 2011

Weigh Day Monday!

Weight Watchers meet on Monday's at noon.  I like having them on Monday's (for now) because it helps me to stay honest on weekends.  Sunday night at work someone wanted to order out... I thought right away about the scale and declined.  I was anxious all day about what it would show.  I had weighed in MRI first thing this morning to get an idea but the scales are usually about 5 lbs off so it's hard to say what it will be for sure.  I got in line, stepped on, and I lost again!  I'm currently at 327.2 lbs.  Which is 5.6 lbs less than two Monday's ago (no meeting last week because of the holiday.)  To be honest, I was hoping for a little bit more but I'm pretty excited.  I'm also excited to see how next week will be, now that I'm doing the 30DS.

Speaking of... I've done it two days in a row!!  haha!  I know that's not that big of a deal but I am pretty proud of myself. :)  I did it yesterday before work.  It definitely was hard but I got through it.  I struggled through some of the jumping jacks and the jump-roping.  Also, the reverse crunches were pretty difficult for me to do.  I ended up doing the jump-roping for all but the last set one leg at a time like jogging-jump-roping.  I did the last set the correct way... I was determined!  The bicycle crunches are very hard for me, too!  I hope, someday, to read this back and see how far I've come.  Tonight was pretty neat.  Brayden did it with me the whole time ... the best he could, anyway.  I was so proud to be such a good example for him... that was worth it alone!  He did it with me a little bit yesterday in the end but tonight he did the whole thing with me... and he was breathing hard, said he was tired, said his legs were tired, and was sweating in the end!  I wasn't alone! lol :)  We both got a glass of cold water and are going to chill for a little bit before bed.

I NEED to get my measurements done and pictures taken!  I read somewhere to take pictures every week so you can go back and see how you've changed.  If I get organized, I'm going to do that!  I thought about doing that picture a day thing, so at the end of the year I could have that fast slide show thing like you see online for different things.  I could probably handle doing that for my face... that's something I can manage alone!

Jeremy gave me a compliment yesterday... actually a couple.  I decided to lie out in the baby pool with the kids while they played, so I could catch some sun and watch them at the same time.  Well, I dug out my swimming suit and he said he could tell I've lost weight since the last time I wore it... last time it didn't fit well in the bottom half area at all.  I guess the last time I wore it, I was probably about 25 lbs heavier.  Then, when I got done with my workout he told me I did a good job. :)

Well, I'm going to watch Makeover.  It's a show where they take a person over the course of a year and help them to lose weight and show their weight loss journey.  I watched last weeks show and it's really neat.  She went bungee jumping!  That is on my bucket list!!  That and skydiving!  Both I am super scared of but I think it would be the thrill of a lifetime.  Both also have a weight limit.  I will, someday, do at least one of those things.

Last quick thing... I tried a new little recipe tonight.  Mix box angel food cake, a can of crushed pineapple, and a tsp. of vanilla.  Bake 350* for 35 min.  I have some strawberries and cool whip to put with it!  Haven't completely figured out the points but I think it will be pretty good! :)

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