Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Wish Losing It Was As Easy As Gaining It

Although I say that I wish losing weight was as easy as gaining weight...I'm glad it's not. When I do loose weight, I have so much satisfaction and am so proud of myself. The last two weeks have been very hard! The girls were sick, I didn't get any workouts in...except for a short walk once or twice. I made and took lunch to work with me most days, but that didn't stop me from going down and getting a cookie or other sweet. One day I got a greasy breakfast of hashbrowns and that I used to get a lot... and I actually felt sick afterwards, I think it was from all the grease. In a weird way, I was kinda happy about it. That makes me know that my body is changing.

I went to Lane Bryant the other day. I walked out empty handed. I don't like shopping for myself. If the clothes actually fit I think they look terrible. One thing that was really dissapointing was there weren't a lot of stuff in my size. I thought to myself, You know it's bad when clothes are too small for you in a big girl store. I might do a little online shopping. Another thing is that I didn't want to really buy clothes in the size that I am now because I don't want to be at this size for too much longer. I should treat myself to a little shopping when I hit my next weight goal.

I don't even want to weigh myself. I know I've gained weight the last two weeks.

Guess what I did yesterday! I bought a brand new double jogging stroller!!! :) I am so excited to get out and about with it. It really got me motivated. I found it on Walmarts' website but it was cheaper with free shipping at I hope it ships fast!

Next I want to get a bike trailer to put the girls in on bike rides. I also plan on getting Brayden rollerblades for his birthday so we can go rollerblading. The stroller has a hand brake, so I might be able to rollerblade and push them in the stroller. I was thinking, one thing I could try to do is start riding my bike in the morning. I am going on my 3-11 shift now, so it will be much easier to workout. I still want to do the first day of RAGBRAI at the end of July so I need to improve my bike riding skills

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