Friday, August 24, 2012

Picture Time!

These are comparisons from March 25th (when I started TSFL) at 334 lbs.  The second picture is from May 29th and the third picture is from yesterday.  I added the side profile view from April 25th since I had room to do it.

                      I am definitely liking the changes happening here!!

          I also took pictures in a different outfit... one that is a little tighter.

Yesterday was an awesome day for workouts!  I did my first "brick"!  Which is a bike workout followed by a running workout.  I went to Group Ride at the Y then I went on the treadmill for 3.2 miles!  I now know why they call it a brick... cause that's what you feel like when you are done!  I wasn't sure if I was going to make it from the treadmill to the locker room.  haha!  Group ride was good!  I worked with the resistance a lot more than I did last time.  The treadmill workout was a tough one, too.  I went 2.5min at 3.0- 15min at 4.1- 7.5min at 3.0- 5min at 4.1- 5min at 3.0- 5min at 4.1- 5min at 3.0-  7.5min at 4.1.  It took me 52.5min to go 3.2miles.  Not really an impressive time but I completed it and I gave it my all!  THEN at work I was "encouraged" to do the stairs... I went from 4th -9th - 1st - 9th - 1st - 4th.  OOFTA!  Then we walked for probably about 30min.  I am determined to reach that 100 lb mark!


  1. I LOVE your determination girl! You are lookin' SOOO good!! Booya!!


  2. Way to go! Seeing your results in picture-form has got to be extremely satisfying. You look great! Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Just discovered you blog and I am so grateful to add another piece of inspiration to my list. I'll be blog stalking you now.. okthxbai :)

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and wow - look at those changes! You look incredible and have done so well! Congrats! x