Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quick update

I'm heading out the door but wanted to give you a quick update...

I weighed yesterday and am down "only" 2 lbs.  I was really hoping to reach 260, so I could celebrate 100 lbs lost... next week?!

I had an awesome experience at the gym the other day.  I hadn't been on a treadmill in a long time... before summer, I believe.  I decided to hop on the other day and ran for 15 minutes at 4.0!  I know 4.0 is only a 15 minute mile but I went the whole 15 minutes and it felt good!  I didn't feel like dying in the end.  I felt awesome!  It helps that I was more confident, too.  Since the treadmills are in the front row, I always think about how everyone behind is probably watching.  ...when you are 300+ lbs trying to run on a treadmill... it can be quite a scene.  I felt much more comfortable and even went back the next day for another run! :)  I think, instead of raising the speed, I'm going to increase the distance.  I plan to work up to 3.5 miles and then slowly work on increasing my speed.  Right now, I'm heading out the door for a hike with my friend Kylee.  Last week we went and we jogged 2 different times... and it was a decent distance, too!  I took Sookie (my dog).  It was awesome going up hills because I think she was kinda pulling me along!  Today, I'm going to take Zoey (my other dog).  I will take my camera and get some pictures!  Also, I NEED to get some updated pictures of my progress!


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