Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feeling Confident

Despite the fact I spent the end of last week completely off plan... I'm feeling good!  ...and I'll fess up... I had Cheetos today, too.  ...but I gave my hubby strict orders to make them disappear before I get home!  I will call it a victory because I didn't allow myself to continue to go crazy... (like I usually do.)  I almost let myself off the hook to go to the gym, too.  I had a funeral to play Taps at and got home much later from that than I thought I would.  I didn't go to the gym yesterday so I knew I HAD to go today!  I swam, and I went 10 laps (500 meters) without stopping!  I was pretty excited!  It took me about 17 minutes. 

I'm thinking about getting a personal trainer.  I think just a couple times a month.  I'd like help in the weights department.  I rarely lift weights and I'd like to start.  I just don't know where to start, how to develop a schedule, techniques... plus I think having a trainer would be awesome to keep me going and motivated.

Due to my disobedience of last week I had a "no change" on the scale... which really was a gain then a loss back to where I was. 

It's amazing what losing weight can do for your confidence.  I feel really good about myself and how my body is shaping up.  I will get my husband to take pictures of me tomorrow morning and post them.  I kinda wanted to wait till I reached the "magic" 100 pound loss point... but I think seeing it in a picture would be just what I need to put those Cheetos down and hit the gym.  Tomorrow I'm going to try my first "brick" which is a bike workout followed by a run workout.  I'm going to go to group ride at the gym then hit the treadmill.


  1. Getting a personal trainer is a great idea!! I would have given up way before now with my trainer. She's awesome! So inspirational and supportive!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  2. I highly recommend Baked Cheetos. They are still great and so much better for you. I eat them all the time. :)