Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeling much better

Last weekend I was really upset but since then, I have taken so much pressure off of myself.  Telling myself that I don't need to see how far under my calorie goal everyday did wonders.  I became obsessed... I can not have my days consumed with thoughts of calories and losing weight.  If I spent everyday like that I would go crazy!  ...and I started to!!  One thing I KNOW I need to change is how often I weigh myself.  I was weighing myself AT LEAST once a day.  I would weigh myself in the morning when I got up... then I'd go to the bathroom and weigh myself again... then maybe I would again when I got home from work and again after a workout... I seriously would wake up in the night and go to the bathroom and weigh myself- CRAZY!  I'm going to do my best to only weigh myself once a week.  I've been reading another blog a lot called, Runs for Cookies.  I really like reading her posts and she is so awesome because she finds time to post everyday!  Anyways, she weighs herself on Wednesday and calls it "Weigh Wednesday".  I'm going to be a copy cat and do the same.  This last Wednesday I weighed in at 329 lbs, which is 0.8 lb less than the week before.

So far I've changed a few things from last week.  I've been eating closer to my 1800 cal goal, I've been drinking more water, I've been drinking at least 1 Shakeology shake a day, and I started doing PiYo again.  I got off track and had a hard time getting myself back into it for some reason.  I like doing it so I don't know why I kept blowing it off.  I'm feeling much better about this week.

Here are a few of the Shakes I made this week:

I have the chocolate Shakeology so they all have 1 scoop of that with ice.

The first has 1cup of water with a teaspoon of mint extract.  I'm a big mint fan!  The second is 1cup of water with a cup of frozen dark sweet cherries and a teaspoon of cherry extract.  I call it, "Chocolate Covered Cherry."  The third looks a little funny because it was in a green glass but it is "Double Chocolate" and has 1/2cup of water and 1cup of dark chocolate almond silk.  It's hard to pick my favorite of these three because they were all so good!!

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  1. Oooh all of those look and sound very good! I adore Shakeology.

    If I counted calories, I think I would become obbsessive, so I understand how that can happen. That personality trait, in me, is partly why I gained so much in the first place!