Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why I Usually Quit

This my friends is why I quit trying to lose weight... I have weeks where I follow what I think I should be doing without the results that I feel represent my work.

This week I have been way under my calorie goal everyday and the scale does not show it.

My goal is to be at or under 1800 cal consumed and to burn at least 3500 calories (1700 cal deficiency) theory I should lose almost a pound every 2 days.

Most days I burn more and eat less- hoping for some kind of movement on the scale.

This is how my week went this week...

Sun Aug 17th - 1404 cal consumed (396 cal under goal)  Burn= 3419cal   Deficiency=2015
Mon Aug 18th- 1364 cal consumed (436 cal under goal)  Burn= 3592cal   Deficiency=2228
Tue Aug 19th- 1686 cal consumed (114 cal under goal)   Burn=3827cal     Deficiency=2141
Wed Aug 20th- 1291 cal consumed (509 cal under goal)  Burn=3697cal     Deficiency=2406
Thurs Aug 21th- 1417 cal consumed (383 cal under goal) Burn=3436cal    Deficiency=2019
Fri Aug 22nd- 1279 cal consumed (521 cal under goal)     Burn=4069cal    Deficiency=2790

13599cal deficiency for the week.
There were days I didn't get the armband on right away so some days I actually burned more!

If there is any truth to this way of doing things, I should be down 3.9 lbs for the week.

Wed the 13th I weighed myself at 330.8.
Wed the 20th I weighed myself at 329.8.

I pretty much weighed the same yesterday, too.  It's just so frustrating to be doing what you think you should be doing and it's not working.  This is why failure happens for me.  I know you may be thinking that I'm not accurately tracking my foods but I am.  I put down every single thing I consume.  Yesterday, I ate some crap.... I didn't really go overboard but I did go over my calories by about 431 cal.  Thanks to my husband who apparently decided he has a sweet tooth and has brownies, nutty bars, and made some crazy banana bread made out of a cake mix... yeah thanks.  Take your junk to the garage!

Every morning this week I would weigh myself and see basically the same number.  I would tell myself to make sure to keep my calories down for the day... which I did.  Clearly that didn't work.

I just calculated my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) -which is the estimated minimum level of energy used to keep our bodies functioning.  Mine is 2271.  So, maybe the calories I was consuming this week is too low.  Maybe my mistake is thinking if I consume less my body will take from my large reserves and I will lose weight faster.... I'm thinking I should educate myself a little more.  -Ugh, why does this have to be so hard!!  Jillian- it turns out it's not just as easy as calories in calories out!!

This is what I'm going to change for the week.

*Eat closer to my 1800 cal/day goal.
*Workout 6 days/week- including PiYo and walking.
*Start listening to or reading a book to help me learn.

....Yeah... I have NOT been working out like I should.

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  1. I had this same experience at least once during the last 5 months. It sucks! In fact I have been meeting my calorie goals to lose 1.5 lbs a week and I have only lost 2 lbs in the past FIVE weeks! It can be so frustrating. But the thing is that I know it will catch up with me. I will go weeks without losing and then lose those 3 lbs I should have lost within a three day span. I am sure it will be the same with you. And maybe you are right - it might be too dramatic of a shift from what you had been consuming and maybe you need to refigure.

    On a side note - do you weigh all your foods? That was HUGE for me. I was way underestimating - even if using a measuring cup- and therefore eating more than I was accounting for.

    Stick with it! You are doing great. Every good day is a victory. :)