Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iowa State Fair

The one and only ... IOWA STATE FAIR!!!  This is something I look forward to every year!  When I was in High School I worked in the grandstand at the fair through FFA and loved every minute of it!  I would go the day before the fair and spent every day there, never leaving the grounds until it was over.  I made lifelong friends and have so many wonderful memories.  I still love the fair, we go the day before and are there for the first and second day.  Sometimes, I'll go back for another day depending on my schedule.  The very first day is the Twins Contest.  Last year they had a fairly large group in their age group and they received 4th place.  This year there were 5 in their age group and they received 5th place.  We know they don't look that much alike anymore but it's still fun. :)

Last year vs this year.  My mom made all of the dresses. :)  Aren't they cute!!  

We went to Pioneer Hall and we were looking at a bunch of doll clothes this gal had made.  We found a doll dress that matched the girl's dresses!  Ainslee has an "American Doll" and was beyond excited!
We have many things on our "MUST DO" list... like waiting in line to see the Butter Cow!

"Is this Heaven? No, It's IOWA"

The kids got their faces painted this year.  We all agreed that they were cute but we'll go back to having the design on their arm next year.  They can't see it on their own face and they end up rubbing their faces and smear it.  Plus, I'm kinda a weirdo and don't really care for the full face paintings, I guess.  Oh and the face paintings are pricy!
 Last year's arm painting and this years face paintings.

We also do rides, but we do not step foot into the midway.  The ones we look forward to are Ye Old Mill, which is kinda lame but we love it!  The Big Slide and the Sky Glider.
Brayden rode alone this year! (EEK!)
"Aunt Molly" and Ainslee

Kylee and Me 

I was terrified most of the ride because Kylee has no fear or sense of danger and kept scooting closer to the edge of her seat and leaning over to look down.  I would then grab a little closer hold to her side - making her squirm and tell me to let go... so I spent most of the ride trying not to imagine her slipping between the bars (which she easily could).

Last but not least is fair food.  I definitely indulged myself in all the fair food I wanted!  I tried many things and of course had to get my fair favorites!  Corn Dogs, Gyro's, Rib on a Stick, Pickle Dawg (new fav!), Brownie on a stick (another new fav!!), Fried Oreo's and Twinkies, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Caprese Salad on a stick (you know, to even it out) ...when we go my mom, sister, and I will get things and all share- that way we all get to try new stuff. 
This is something I don't share... A Gyro!  It's definitely one of my fair favorites!  
Actually, probably my favorite food!

Something I decided to try new this year, a fried Twinkie- 
it was OK but not something I'd ever get again. 
The Brownie on a stick is WAY BETTER!!

So, as you can see, I didn't pass up fair food because I'm trying to lose weight.  We always joke that it's ok because we walk around all day- haha!  I think the important thing is I didn't let a couple days throw me off track.  I got back home and got right back to tracking my food and staying under my calorie goal.  Today, I weighed myself and am down a pound! :)  Now, I need to get back to PiYo- I got off track there and haven't got myself back into it, yet.

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  1. We enjoyed the fair food too and ironically I also had the gyro. :) It was DELICIOUS! I let myself eat whatever I wanted that day and got back on track the next day at home. But since we walked 8 miles at the fair (Jared has a fitbit) I think I burned quite a bit off anyway.

    Just wanted to say I think you look beautiful in that picture of you and Kylee. I think your hair looks awesome and really suits you.

    Congrats on how much weight you have lost. Keep up the good work!