Sunday, August 17, 2014

School Started!

Brayden started school last week.  It's nice to be getting back into that routine.  The girls will start preschool in a couple weeks.  In a way it will be nice when they all get back to school because I feel like I will be able to get more stuff done... especially work around my house- it's so cluttered right now.  I want to go through and get rid of at least 50-60% of everything in the house.  Our house is too small for this much stuff!  Actually, we don't have a ton of stuff, it's just that we don't have anywhere to put the stuff we do have... it needs to go!  ...less stuff = less stuff to pick up!

It's officially been 4 weeks! (tomorrow makes 5)
I'm starting to notice changes :)  I can tell the clothes I wear are getting baggier- Yay!  Also, I work in Radiology and we have to wear lead aprons if we are in an area where we could receive radiation.  All of the average aprons don't fit me.  I actually have my own that was measured to fit for me.  This one is a two piece that covers the entire torso and I wear it when I'm in an area where we wear lead for longer periods of time and have the possibility of receiving more dose.  Most of them are "frontals"- meaning we slip our arms through a couple holes and they cover the front of our bodies.  These have two straps that go around the back and cross and velcro in the front... before none of them would reach around so I would just put my arms in and they would hang on my arms- pretty uncomfortable... especially if you are trying to do something and the lead is falling down.  Now, there are one or two that are a little bit larger that actually can velcro (just barely but they do!)  They are so much more comfortable to wear when they can.  The weight isn't entirely on my shoulders because the extra support around the waist takes a lot of the pressure off.

I haven't been drinking Shakeology everyday but I decided to get some more flavors to add to the shakes.  These are the ones I picked up the other day.  I think they all sound pretty good!

Last night I made my version of fajitas.  I cooked up a few chicken breasts with a bunch of seasonings... garlic powder, onion flakes, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper... there may have been more but I can't remember for sure.  Then I cut up the peppers.  I bought one of those packs that have the red, orange, and yellow all together and also got a green pepper.  I added some teriyaki sauce to it and cooked it for a little bit.  My fresh mozzarella needed to be used so I put a little of it on a ultragrain tortilla and then added some of the chicken/pepper mix.  It was so good!!  257 calories for one

Friday, Kylee and I went for a walk.  It's so fun to go on a walk with her because we talk and gossip the whole time.  haha :)

Kylee's husband works for the city.  We saw him working and stopped to chat for a minute.  He saw us walking by the highway and said we should probably wear bright clothing if we were going to do that... haha!

 My little town celebrates "Corn Days" every year.  It was starting to fizzle out a couple years ago but a few people have worked really hard to make it a great weekend again.  This year there will be a color run!  I'm pretty excited because I've been wanting to do one!  My sister sent me the announcement about it on Facebook and told me to start training because we are running the entire thing.  I'm a realist and know I won't be able to run the whole thing.  ...but I will do what I can, that's for sure!  I got the Couch 2 5K app on my phone.  I haven't started it yet- but I should soon because the race is a month away!!

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