Monday, September 15, 2014

Anniversary, baby shower, and other shenanigans

Hey!  I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged last!  We've been pretty busy, I guess and due to storms our internet at home has been in and out... I've been thinking of so many things to talk about, though!

Jeremy and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 1st!  I had to work so he brought the kids up and surprised me with 2 dozen pink roses!!  This is the very first time he has ever bought me flowers!!  The kids picked out the color and they were beautiful!!

I think I had said before how I have to wear lead aprons at work and that most of them do not fit me... well...
I can now officially fasten the velcro around properly!  Not all of them fit me yet, but more of them do! :)

My next NSV (non-scale victory) that I'm excited for (but may take quite awhile) is not having my bra straps make marks on my shoulders.  I'm sure it's these bra's but I am so sick of uncomfortable bras!!  I have a very limited selection on bra's since my boobs are so big.  I have bought my bra's from Lane Bryant for a very long time.  I have bought the same style, too.  I knew I liked them and knew they fit me decently.  THEN the jerks had to go and change them!  My biggest complaint of their change is the shoulder straps.  They used to be pretty well padded and comfortable.  Now they sew them differently and the fabric rolls up.  I've been meaning to take the new ones I have to my mom's house to sew them so maybe they won't roll... but seriously- I shouldn't have to!! 
This was after I had had it off for a little while, too! OUCH!

Saturday my friends and I put on a baby shower for my friend, Kylee.  It turned out really nice and she received a ton of really nice gifts!  She is expecting twin boys in the next 4-6 weeks!!  I'm soo excited for her!  She's going to be a great mommy! :)  I'm also excited that she is having twins!  Another mama to join the awesome club!!
 Kylee and I... I wish I hadn't worn a tank top- it got chilly!
This is pretty much all of my closest friends.  We have all been friends since High School (or before!)
Me, Mindi, Kylee, Sammie, Andrea, and Linda
side thought... I wonder if when I get thinner, I won't stick out like a sore thumb in pics like this... it doesn't help that I'm so tall, too!

Well, I'm three days away from my birthday!  I honestly thought I would have reached my goal by now, but I haven't.  BUUUUT... I haven't been eating and working out like I should have, either.  I have been doing a lot better recently but there was a couple weeks in there that I could have made much better choices!  We will see on Thursday how close to my goal I am.  Either way, I am on the right track!!

A couple of my work friends and I have started our own personal accountability group.  It's basically all through text.  It has actually helped a lot.  We all decided we needed to make changes and then decided to send pics of ourselves to each other (in a group text) and when someone is making poor choices we can send them their pics!  We have also been making sure we are all working out and eating properly.  It has been pretty helpful to have a couple friends to chat with and share stuff with (bad and good!)

We also joined a challenge group called "Thin it to Win it!"  It's similar to diet bet but much more involved.  We do daily tasks to earn points and we have 6 weeks to lose 6% (or you can maintain without going over by 1%).  It's pretty fun so far!  My coach from Take Shape For Life is our "coach" for this challenge group.  You can follow any diet or program you'd like.  My plan is to continue logging into My Fitness Pal and workout by doing PiYo 6 days per week.  I weighed in the other day and I have to lose 19.7 lbs.  I think if I keep doing things like this and keep setting smaller specific goals, I will have more success.  Thinking about trying to lose 175 lbs seems impossible but trying to lose 20 lbs seems way more doable!

It has officially been 2 months since I started and I took pictures yesterday, so I'll try to get them up tomorrow!

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  1. Awe happy anniversary and happy birthday! May this next year bring your more joy than you can handle :)