Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walking Route

I completed Day 2 of the Ab Challenge last night.  The sit ups were more difficult than they were the night before but I did them all!  I was able to do the plank all at once.  The only thing is, my chest (or boobs- haha) was touching the ground.  It was still difficult for me, so I decided that I would accept it and maybe by doing it everyday this month, it will get better.  I can't expect to do it perfectly right away!

I found a picture from when we were at the Iowa State Fair last week.  My girls were in the twins contest and received 4th in their age group!  (I, of course, thought they deserved 1st!)  They had so much fun and loved wearing their dresses that my mom sewed for them.  She also made them purses to match, which they thought were really neat.  They spent the day putting treasures in their purses... then eventually got sick of carrying them (typical woman... or maybe I should say, like mother, like daughter!)  Anyways, this picture shows my new capris and new shoes!  It also shows the weight I've gained... fortunately, I'm working on that!

I almost always walk the same route in town.  I started a long walking route when I was in high school.  I lived on a different block in town but when I moved back to town, I just tweaked the route a bit and still use the same one.  That route is a little over 3 miles long and covers pretty much ever street in my little town.  Since I've only been walking 1 mile at a time, I've just shortened up my regular route.  I decided this morning I need a change of scenery today.  I went to and plotted out a new route.  I might have to do this more often!  It's kinda fun :)  Here is where I'm going to walk today.  Pretty much just a big loop.  There are a couple hills in there to add a little difficulty.  Hopefully the rain will hold off for a bit so I can get it in!

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  1. A couple of hills is for variety, right? :) Your girls are adorable! I love your outfit in that pic. Can't wait to see your progress.