Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Walk

Tonight was such a nice night.  I asked Jeremy if he wanted to go for a walk after supper.  The whole family went for a walk, including one of our dogs.  Well, the girls rode their bikes... but we were all out.  Instead of going on the route I had planned this morning, we took a different path.  We went down by the convenient store and Jeremy got a pop for himself for the morning.  Then we walked down by a house that had been torn down.  The kids thought it was pretty cool seeing a big hole and no house.  It was so nice outside and it was nice going on a walk with Jeremy and the kids.  We will have to do that more often!  I mapped out the route when we got home.  Jeremy was surprised that we went only a little over a mile.  He thought we had gone farther.  I guess you don't realize how far a mile is until you walk it... especially when you have two little girls on bikes trying to run you over!  haha  Here was our path!
I still have to do my Ab workout for today.  I can definitely tell I've been working them!  They are a little sore but that kind of sore is always nice.  :)

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