Friday, August 16, 2013

Post Baby Measurements/Pictures

Today Annika is 2 months old.  I figured today would be a good day to take some measurements and some pictures.  I decided to compare them with some pictures from last year.  I really don't want to post these pictures but I have to.  I have to start somewhere... even if that means starting over.

I also took took measurements...

Neck: 16
Arms: 19 1/2(R) 19(L)
Thighs: 33(R) 33 1/2(L)
Calves: 20 1/2(R) 20 1/4(L)
Chest: 62
Upper Waist (smallest): 52 1/2
Lower Waist (at belly button): 65
Hips: 60
Symphysis to Sternum: 32

Some of those measurements are the largest I've seen.  I'm going to try to not be too hard on myself.  The good thing is, in a month when I remeasure myself, it will feel really good to see the changes.  My measuring tape is only 60 inches long so I hope in the next month or two I can measure without having to figure out where the end of the tape is to measure the extra space.

My Body By Vi stuff came today!  I'm still waiting for a blender but I should have it the beginning of next week.  
I ordered the most basic package.  It comes with one bag of the shake mix and a few flavor mix in's.
It also comes with this challenge bracelet.  You can move the little tab along as you lose weight.  Plus I figure it serves as a visual reminder of my goals.

I'm excited to start!  I plan on having one shake a day.  I'm bringing in my knowledge from Take Shape For Life and will have 5 small "meals" and a lean and green.  One of my small meals throughout the day will be one of these shakes.  I also have been eating the Special K Protein bars and drinking the Slim Fast shakes.  The nutritional facts on them were comparable to a TSFL meal.  I'm still breastfeeding so I want to make sure my diet is well rounded so I'll have fruit, cheese, oatmeal and other things that I feel appropriate.  I'm not following a specific plan but putting together what I think will work for me.  After following TSFL and losing weight... then regaining weight... I decided I definitely need to do something that I could easily follow long term.

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  1. It is good idea that you always keep your eyes on your goal. Target makes us more hard worker....

    Kopi Luwak