Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Starting PiYo

I started PiYo yesterday!!  Yesterday was a 40min video of the fundamentals of PiYo.  She went over all the poses and what they should look and feel like.  I have a lot of work ahead of me before I can do the poses like they do or hold them as long as they do.  I pretty much do all the modified versions, which I'm completely fine with because it's still hard and I'm still sweating in the end.

Today's workout was lower body... but there was a point during it where my arms were shaking, too!  The lower body workout is 25min long.  It seemed to fly by!  They have a countdown in the lower left hand corner of the screen, which I love!  I'm totally a time watcher and to have that there is nice.  We were doing these downward dog splits and all I wanted to do was be in childs pose, but I saw there was only a couple minutes left and thought, I can do this for a couple minutes! (but it was still really hard for me!)

I took measurements yesterday, I'm going to have to have Jeremy take some pics tomorrow.  Also, tomorrow I will show you our new "toy".  I'm SO EXCITED!!  It totally takes me back to my youth!

I had a terrible lunch today- as in, Jeremy suggested getting food from the bar (which is like a diner by day) and I said sure... what did I order?  A pizza burger with pickles and an order of cheeseballs... 1,375 calories later... but it was soo good.  This evening I went out with a few friends to organize a baby shower for my friend Kylee, who's having twins!!  She ordered a cheeseburger pizza.... I didn't have a single piece!  ...and I didn't feel deprived, either.  I'm going to have some spaghetti squash for supper- my FAVORITE!

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  1. PiYo sounds awesome! So proud of you for sticking with that pose when you wanted to rest. Food choices are always a work in progress, in my opinion!