Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bringing back 1997

We got a TRAMPOLINE!!!  

The year between 6th and 7th grade I jumped on our trampoline Every. Single. Day.  ...for HOURS!!  I didn't weigh myself, mostly because I don't remember having a scale and also because I was a kid and didn't think about that as much as I do now.  At the time I had no clue, but I lost so much weight that summer!  I was an overweight kid, but looking back at pictures you can really tell how much I slimmed down!  My neighbor/best friend, Kyle, and I jumped on it all the time.  We played games of who could jump longest or highest and also a game where we would have to go to our bottom then knees then stomach then back and then back to our feet... the hard part was trying to do it without jumping up in between.  I had so much fun!  I finally talked Jeremy into getting one for our kids me!  There was an awesome sale and I batted my eyes :)  The next morning we set it up and I started jumping... here's a pic of my awesome skilz lol!  ...and of post-jump bliss...
 Talk about a workout!  I jumped off and on for 10-15 minutes and was worn out!  The rest of this summer is going to be FUN!!

I also took some before pics and measurements.  I took the measurements on Monday and and the pictures yesterday.  The pictures were an eye opener for sure... definitely gave me motivation to make changes!!
Today, on the PiYo schedule is "Sweat" ... let me tell ya, I've been sweating so I'm curious how this will go! lol!

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  1. Oh that is so fun! I love trampolines. Hope you share nicely with your kids :)