Monday, July 21, 2014

59 days to go!

So, I'm 1 week in and I have 59 days till my birthday.  I'm pretty proud of my week.  I lost 8.2 pounds this week!  I was a little over that on Friday but I didn't stay as focused this weekend... although, I didn't go crazy... I just didn't track as well.

I received my PiYo DVD's in the mail!!  I was supposed to get a bonus "Hardcore on the Floor" DVD but that didn't come with the package... I called yesterday and they said they'd send it right away!  -Awesome!!  The challenge group starts August 4th, but I think I'm going to start before then.  :)  I'm pretty excited because I have some of my friends joining me!  I already knew two people in the group and now I have two more people joining in!

The DietBet starts tomorrow!  I weighed in last night though.  They open up the "weigh-in" two days before.  They give you a secret word that you have to write on a piece of paper and have in your pictures.  You take two pictures... one on the scale, showing the weight and one full body picture.  After taking the picture of the scale and seeing my toes... I'm thinking that a pedicure should be in my very near future!!

I need to take some "before" pics ... and hope these are the LAST "before" pics I ever take!!  I'm also going to take some measurements.  It's just a couple other nice things to see change along with the scale! :)

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