Friday, July 25, 2014


Every day I weigh myself and every day I expect to weigh less... like a significant amount less.  The last 3-4 days I've been hovering around the same number and it's been making me feel discouraged.  I've been logging everything I eat into MyFitnessPal and I've been staying under my goal (minus 1 day- oops!)  I've been making sure I have at least a 1600 cal deficit ... so why is it not working?!  I think it's this type of impatience that has caused me to fail in the past.  I'd see the work I was putting in but not see the movement on the scale fast enough and just quit.  What I need to do is take a step back and understand that I'm making good choices and everything will fall into place... seriously, do I really expect the scale to drop a pound or two every day in the second week? ..especially after losing over 8 pounds last week... lets get real, probably not going to happen.

Along with my changes in how I eat, I need to start working out.  I really haven't done much in that area, yet.  Yesterday, I went for a walk with my friend Kylee and it was very nice.  As much as I'd hate to admit this... I haven't been on a walk in a long time.  I haven't done anything active in a long time!  Not to make excuses... but man, I have been BUSY!!  I just text Kylee to see if she wants to walk again today and since I have the PiYo DVD's... I really want to start those!  I can think of 100 things I should be doing... *like the dishes and laundry*!  ...but I guess those things aren't going anywhere- HA!

Yesterday, I took pics of myself in the scrub top that is the next size smaller... it's actually two sizes smaller but they don't have the size in between.  The scrub tops I wear now were bought just for me when I was pregnant with the twins... and yep, I still wear them!  I wear scrubs laundered by the facility because I go to surgery.  These are the little things that I can't wait to change.  I want to be able to fit into smaller scrubs at work.  I should have taken pics of my pants too because I have to wear elastic waist pants that taper at the ankle... oh yeah, sexy.  All the drawstring or half drawstring/half elastic pants that kinda flare at the ankle are all smaller sizes and don't fit me.  So, instead I'm stuck in a huge top (that basically fits- ugh) with a weird v neckline that shows my boobs off half the time and elastic taper crazy pants. 
 There's a little view of our locker room, pretty awesome orange, huh?!  This top is like skin tight right now... hopefully in a couple months (or less) it won't be!  Also, what do you think of my haircut?!  I buzzed my head for Kylee and I'm letting it grow back now.  I might keep it short for awhile, I kinda like it!  ...Welp, time to do something productive!! :)

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  1. I hear ya sister. I started working out 6 days a week back in April. I added in MFP food logging 3 weeks later. Like you said, I was totally stepping on the scale daily and hoping it would be down a pound. (Because that would really be true weight loss in one day... right.) It took almost 5 weeks for the scale to change at all! I have noticed that I have a monthly pattern: for two weeks there is absolutely no change due to hormones and such, and then one week there is a dramatic loss every two days or so, and the next week maybe one more pound. And then we repeat. But the numbers are decreasing: down 17+ lbs right now. My original goal was 20, but now that it has become a lifestyle change for me, I might aim a little higher and try to make it back to the weight I was for most of college, which is another 10 lbs. I am a little worried about the switch to maintaining weight, but that is a bridge to cross when I get there.

    You should definitely be proud of your progress! Just making sure to log into MFP is a big deal. It holds me so much more accountable. And I know food portions so much better now!

    You have to be a busy lady - with four kids and a daughter with scary health stuff this past year - you probably barely have time to sit down to pee! I wanted to just mention the website I started using to lose weight and tone up. I know you are doing another plan, but if you ever have a day when you want to switch things up, I love this guy's site. It is all free and I have lost all my weight just doing his workouts - many of which are just 10 minutes a day along with staying within my calories (most of the time. ha!) Anyway, here is the site:
    I personally love the 3-part 10 minute series called "Lose Belly Fat." You can make it harder or easier depending on the hand weights, or you can just not use them at all, and it is only 10 minutes - which I think almost anyone can find time for.

    Keep up all the good work! :)