Monday, July 8, 2013

Celebrity Crushes

I'm going to branch off topic a little.  One of my besties at Mama Mandolin had a topic awhile back about celebrity crushes.  She listed her top 5 celebrity crushes here.  I have been thinking about it... I made a list... I'm sure I have forgotten someone haha!  ...but here we go....

Denzel Washington -I had to add him.  For an older man, he's got it.

Yes.  Justin Timberlake.

Chris Powell - Love him!

Ryan Reynolds -I fell in love with him in Van Wilder.

Gilles Marini - In my opinion, he is HOT!

Alexander Skarsgard -I can't complete this list without having 
someone from True Blood and "Eric" is really nice to watch :)

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  1. Nice list! We share the same a similar taste in men. Can't leave too long of a comment or I will drool on my keyboard!