Monday, July 30, 2012


So, I have approximately 7 weeks left before the Tri.  I haven't been training NEAR enough.  I'm lucky if I get one swim and one bike in per week.  Haven't worked on running at all.  This week I have set up a plan for myself.  My goal is to get in 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 3 runs.  I am doing more runs because I need more work in that area.  I also penciled it out as to which day I will do what.  This way, I have a plan and I know what to expect.  Monday-swim, Tuesday-bike, Wednesday-run, Thursday-rest, Friday-swim (morn)/run (eve), Saturday-bike, and Sunday-run. 

I did go to the pool this morning and swam.  The tri has a 500 meter swim.  I have been doing 700 meters (28 lengths) that way I know I will be ready.  I haven't done it all without stopping for a little rest though.  Last week, I went 2 lengths and rested.  Today, I went 3 lengths and rested.  I figure I will slowly continue until I can do the entire thing without stopping.  Once I become a little more comfortable, I'm going to find some resources (books, online, other people) and improve my technique.  I try to watch other swimmers when I'm there... sometimes creeping them out, I think.  haha  A couple weeks ago, I was watching the guy next to me from under water (he didn't know it, I was just watching when he went zooming by me)... I wanted to see exactly what he was doing with his arms under the water... I don't think I do it right with good form. 

I plan on biking tomorrow.  I am going to go to Mapleton and back.  That should be 14 miles.  The tri is a little over a 12 mile bike.  I don't know if there are going to be a lot of hills or not.  The ride to Mapleton and back is basically flat.  I will soon be venturing out on the other roads that lead out of Danbury.  They all have good sized hills.  I think when I get closer to the race, I'm going to go to Albrecht's bike shop in Sioux City and have them show me how to change the tube in my tire.  In the triathlon book I'm reading now, not knowing how to do that and not carrying the supplies to do this isn't even an option.  I would hate to be in the race and get a flat and not know what to do.

Running on Wednesday.  ....yay...  The running leg isn't my favorite but I know it will be one of the most important to train for.  The running is last and I'm going to be worn out from swimming and biking.  I know that I can walk the whole time... but who wants to do that?  I have to be prepared.  I will start slow and work up to whatever I can do.

I didn't have a weight change last week.  Probably due to all the junk I've been eating lately.  Right this minute, I feel very focused.  I know I can do well, I know I can succeed.


  1. I am thinking about doing a tri. Most likely next year. I am starting some pre-training now. Meeting with the swim director at my gym and she's going to show me some new techniques and give me some swimming hints. I think I have the running and biking down. Don't know how to change a tire. So I better get on that!

    Keep focused!

  2. Ooh that's so great about the swimming! I love it! Yes it is hard to think about changing the way you swim, but becoming more efficient in the water will make things easier. Sorry for creeping on your blog from like 2 months back, but I get VERY excited about anything swimming related! Go girl!