Sunday, July 15, 2012

Workout week

This week I am going to be a workout queen!  Last week, I basically didn't workout.  I think 1 or 2 days I went for a short bike ride.  Not to make excuses but... it was hard to find time.  I worked days every day and Jeremy worked basically every day (he works nights)  So... he wasn't home early enough for me to leave early in the morning to go to the gym before work and I had to come home right after work to get the kids from day care.  We did all go swimming on Friday.  I'm so glad I decided to make that a goal.  The kids have so much fun... so do I! :)  Especially now that I'm more confident in a swimming suit.

Saturday, I wore a pair of shorts that I wore the summer before I got pregnant with Brayden!  This is also awesome because they aren't from Lane Bryant!  They are from the GAP!!  I haven't had clothes from anywhere besides Lane Bryant in a really long time!

Last week, I was down 2 lbs.  I started back on my Weigh Wednesday schedule.  I had lost that from the previous Friday.  My plan is to lose 4 lbs per week for the next two weeks (to start with).  That will get me to my goal of 258 lbs by August 1st.

To help me with my goals, I bought an exercise log book.  This thing is awesome!  It is perfect for me!  I can set goals, write down cardio, weights with reps and pounds, flexibility and balance, nutrition, and you evaluate yourself.  I like that I can look back and see how far I've come.  Also, that I can set goals and work to reach those goals.  I believe that I will workout more often with this book.  I'm pretty excited!!

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