Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's Official!!

First... I'm back in the game! :)

Second... drum roll please.... I am now under what I was at my first Dr's appt. with Brayden!!  So, the last time I was this weight was September 2004!!  Right now I'm at 272 lbs.  It feels awesome!!

Also, I tried on some jeans today.  I fit into the 18's!!

I decided to make a list of goals for July.  Here they are...

-Read Habits of Health 5-10 minutes a day (this is the book that came with TSFL)
-go to the gym 3 days/week (I'm going to try to swim or run on treadmill to prepare for the TRI)
-Ride bike 3 days/week
-Keep dishes clean (this way I have no excuse to prepare a healthy meal)
-work on decluttering my bedroom (one important aspect of weight loss is a good nights sleep and a nice     sleeping environment.  My bedroom is a cluttered mess!)
-take kids swimming at least once/week (I get caught up in all sorts of stuff and I don't want to forget about making sure their summer is fun!)
-Organize 5&1 a day ahead (this way I don't have to think about what I'm going to have the next day... or have to rush to throw it in my lunch bag)
-have snacks available & ready (so I'm not tempted to eat off plan)
-$2.00 in jar for every day on plan (incentive to keep me on track)
-August 1st 258 lbs

The other day I biked around town.  I pulled the girls behind me in the trailer.  I went 13.69 miles!  I could have kept going too, but it was getting dark. 

I went to the gym to swim twice last week.  The first time I did 13 laps (to the other side and back) and the second time I did 12 laps.  The triathlon has a 500 meter swim.  So, I have to work up to doing 10 laps without stopping. 

I have a long ways to go before I'm ready, but thank goodness, I have 10 weeks to prepare!  I'm most nervous about what I'm going to be able to wear!!  Hopefully, I'll be quite a bit smaller by then so I'll have more options on what I can buy that's my size.

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  1. Wow stuff is happening!! I'm thinking about a tri too!! That is awesome!!

    Stay focused!