Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding Countdown

4 weeks 6 days until the wedding that I am going to be in!  To reach my goal, I'd like to lose about 17 lbs by then.  I am pretty motivated, so I think it's possible!  Actually, I don't really know where I sit right now with my weight because I weigh in on Monday's.  (I do sneak in a few weigh-in's now and then in MRI but since the scales are about 5 lbs different it makes it hard.)  Since it was last weeks weight (316.4), if you do the math, I only have to lose about 3 lbs a week... I can do that!  I just REALLY want to be under 300 lbs by then.  It's every really heavy person's goal to get to change that first number of you're weight and I hope that I can do it twice!

I think this week I am going to join the YMCA in South Sioux City.  A couple weeks ago I did a little tour and it's a really nice place.  I worked at the Y when it was downtown and liked going there, so, I've always been drawn to they Y.  I have been thinking for quite awhile that I want to join but didn't know if I'd use the membership enough to make it worthwhile.  Luckily, they Y gives discounts to Mercy employees so I get $7 off my monthly membership and they waive the joining fee... which is really nice.  My goal is to be able to go before work when I work 3-11's and before/after work (depending on Jeremy's work schedule) when I work 8-4's.  I want to take advantage of some of they group classes they have to offer... my friend, Jodi, is a teacher for one of the classes so I'll probably check out that class.  I have been dying to swim recently so I think I'm going to do some swimming in the lap pool, too.  Oh!  They have treadmill's, elliptical's, and bike's with TV's built right into the machine!  I know, I know... this is probably old technology but I think it's really neat!  The rec center I used to go to didn't have that stuff!  An awesome thing they have that was hard with the rec center is they have a child watch!  So, I'm thinking on Saturday mornings when Jeremy is sleeping from work and we need something to do to make sure the house is quite for him... we can to to the gym!  I just have to decide when I'm going to join.  I think I might join this week.  I really think going to the gym will help me in a lot of ways.  Besides helping me reach my fitness goals, I think it would help me relieve a lot of stress.  I always feel better after going to the gym.  It's a combination of a feeling of accomplishment and also the time to myself to just be able to think is great.  I get a lot of thinking time in my car but it's not the same, I don't think.  So, possibly, Tuesday I will have an update about my first morning at the gym! :)

You may have noticed that I changed my beginning weight.  I decided to do that because the weight I had as my beginning weight was the weight I was at when I started this blog, which was the weight I was at at the beginning of the weight loss challenge I was in.  My heaviest weight was about 360 lbs (maybe even over that.)  I have always used that weight as my heaviest weight so, I decided to change it on here.  Actually, when I was pregnant with the twins I was heavier than 360lbs... I have no idea how much though because after I couldn't get weighed on the regular scale in the room and had to be walked to a different scale (one that had to have weights added on to make it embarrassing!) I stopped paying as close attention to remembering... basically I blocked it all out of my mind because it was horrible.  I don't think it was much over 360 lbs, though.  I always figured when I got to my goal weight I would ask.

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