Thursday, September 15, 2011

Feelin' the Burn

Yesterday, I went to Group Power, one of the classes the Y has.  My friend, Jodi, is the instructor for it so I thought it'd be a good one to go to.  Plus, I was thinking I should start incorporating weights into my schedule and I'm not super comfortable hanging in the weight lifting equipment area yet.  I don't know why, I didn't have a problem at the Rec Center but I feel kinda self conscious at the Y.  I also think that in my limited time I would rather get in as much cardio as possible.  I know that building muscle helps with weight loss, too, that's why I thought I should start going to the Group Power class, when I can.  Yesterday, at the class, I thought most of it was pretty easy and that I should add more weight next time... aside from the shoulder exercises!... I definitely felt the burn there!  After class I did a little on the bike- crushed my previous personal best time on one of the 1 mile courses by 9 seconds.  It doesn't really seem like much but I was pretty worn out from the class and the first bike course I did, so, I was pretty pumped.  After that, I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I decided that since I hadn't had lunch yet I would treat myself to Sushi.  I haven't been to this place before and have been wanting to try it.  I got salmon and it was delicious!!  I was WAY under my points yesterday, but I didn't feel deprived at all.  Although, I did come home from work and have some cake that was left over from the girls birthday... still under daily points though.  This morning I'm feeling the burn from yesterday.  The tops of my thighs are burning and my shoulders are sore.  It's a good burn though! :)

I decided to take measurements again.  The last time I did was the first part of June, before I started the 30DS.  I will have to take pictures again like I did then.  But for now, here are the measurements:

Rt arm: 18 1/2" (-1")
Lt arm: 17 3/4" (-3/4")
Rt Thigh: 31" (0)
Lt Thigh: 31" (0)
Rt Calf: 19 1/2" (-3/4")
Lt Calf: 19" (-1)
Chest: 55 3/4" (-2 1/2")
Upper Waist (smallest): 48 3/4" (-5 1/4")
Lower Waist (at belly button): 57" (-2 1/4")
Hips (biggest part): 50" (-3/4")
Symphysis to Sternum: 27"

I'm pretty excited about the loss!  The first one I did was my right arm and I thought, I couldn't have lost 1" on my arm?!  I put the tape measure to the previous measurement and looked at what it was... that's pretty awesome to be able to visualize the progress!  The best was the chest measurement!  I put the tape out to the previous measurement and can not imagine that just a few months ago my chest was that much bigger!  Now, the upper waist measurement I was confused by.  I'm not exactly sure where I measured last time because I just can't imagine that I've lost over 5" in that area!  Just so I'm clear next time, this time I measured in the area a couple inches under my bra line.  I also wanted to make sure I noted that I did all measurements standing and when doing the legs I put my weight on that leg.  I read somewhere that that is how you are supposed to measure your legs.  Oh, and I took my chest measurement with a bra on.  I also added a measurement.  Once before I took this measurement and I hope I can find it because I would love to see how it has changed.  This measurement is something I may have made up but since I have such a big belly, I figured it'd be a good way to measure how it's shrinking.  This measurement is from my symphysis, following my skin all the way to my sternum.  It's pretty much the same measurement they do when you are pregnant and they measure your uterus... only I'm measuring my belly.  I will have to take some pictures, too!  I have noticed the T-shirts I wear are a lot looser, which makes me smile! :)  I guess now I know why!  I've lost 2 1/2" in my chest and 2 1/4" in my waist! 

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