Friday, August 26, 2011

Reality Check

Hey everyone!

I've been working (somewhat) hard.  I got into a little slump of not tracking my foods or keeping track of points.  I did manage to get down to 319 lbs, which I was pretty excited about!  Then the two weeks following I gained back 3 lbs!  I was so disappointed but it was a good thing because it zapped me back into reality.  I DO have to keep track of what I eat and I DO have to start exercising more.  So, this week, my friend, Kylee, and I have gotten together a few days and worked out.  I feel so good about this week!  I have been keeping track of what I eat and tracking my points.  I did go over my points last night when I made a stop thru the Taco Bell drive-thru.  I realized that I hadn't eaten much that would stick with me and I hadn't used my points.  I think that the deprivation lead to my intense craving.  So, I'm going to make sure I get in satisfying foods during the day to make sure I don't cave later. 

I did jump on the scale here at work in MRI.  I know that scale weights about 4 lbs lighter than the WW scale so I try to take that into consideration but I'm really excited about what my efforts have done in just a few days.  I'm not telling the results until Monday.  I want to make sure it's real! haha

Yesterday, Kylee and I tried some yoga poses.  It was pretty hysterical!  We were falling and looking at the magazine page like it was impossible the pose it was trying to instruct us to do.  We did do (kinda) it though and decided we should start doing Yoga more often.

I have been tossing around the idea of joining the Y.  I think that I could benefit from the gym.  I am going to do a month to month pay so if after awhile it doesn't work for me I don't get stuck paying/wasting the whole year.  I went on a tour and I'm excited about the equipment that have TV's!  That is new to me and I'm pretty pumped!  I'm also excited for the variety of classes and the swimming! 

One thing pushing me (still) is the upcoming wedding I'm in!  I went and tried on my dress and I'm actually excited about how it looks on me!  I was a little worried but I think it's pretty flattering.  I have 6 weeks until the wedding and I'd still like to loose about 20 lbs.  I know that is a pretty big goal but I think if I stay on track and start working out it is achievable.  The next goal is VEGAS!!!  We are going to Las Vegas in November and I'd like to loose about 35 lbs or so before then.  These are pretty big goals but I know if I work hard I can do it! 

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