Friday, April 16, 2010

UP's and DOWN's

I have been struggling to follow any sort of plan. I think to myself, "You need to change, you want to change, so, why don't you change?!"

Who knows how much of the weight I had previously lost have I gained back. It's really disappointing. During all of the snow and ice I talked about how much I couldn't wait for it to be nice out so I can get out more and exercise more. It's nice out now and while I have gone on a few walks, I don't feel like they took a lot of effort and I don't feel like I burned a lot of calories. I do love my new stroller, it has helped me get out the door several times in the last couple weeks! I think what I need is a good sweaty workout at the gym! I love my gym workouts. I can hop on the elliptical and the treadmill and just go. I love being able to see the calorie burn right in front of me. I love the feeling I have when I leave the gym. I just don't get the same satisfaction going for a walk. Another thing I like about going to the gym is the alone time. I like being able to turn on the iPod and get "lost." The time to myself at the gym is really nice.

A few people I know have gotten nifty calorie counting watches. They have a belt around their midsection and have a watch. You can look at the watch and it tells you your calorie burn. It has several other functions like a stopwatch, a real time watch, among other things. I want one! :)

One thing that would help out more than anything is planning meals. If I didn't have to worry about what fried, fatty, cheese covered concoction to get from the cafeteria at work and if I didn't have to think about what I'm going to make at home 10 minutes before I need to make it....I would be making a lot better choices. All it would take is a little planning on my part.

Sometime last week I picked up a copy of Runner's World Magazine. I have been reading every page and I've about read the entire thing! I have gotten many tidbits from the magazine that I really like. Many things have been very inspiring.

Q: Can I still call myself a "runner" if I walk so much?
A: If you're running, no matter how fast or slow, you're a runner.


Running It Off
Kristi Lane, 34 Wescosville, Pennsylvania

Eight years ago, Lane stepped on the scale and saw a number that astonished her: 313 pounds, which hung on her 5'4" frame. "I knew I had to do something," she says. Her son was an active toddler, and Lane couldn't keep up with him. She began walking on a treadmill at her company gym, and after a few months, she lost 20 pounds. Then she got pregnant again. "I fell off the wagon," she says, "but not for long." She started walking on the path behind her office. "At some point I realized I was walking as fast as I could. So I'd pick a tree up ahead and jog to that." Soon she was walk/running three to four days a week. Just under a year later, she'd lost 80 pounds. "Once I started running, the pounds just melted off," says Lane, who wants to lose another 50. "Now I sleep better and have tons of energy. I just keep going. I crave running. If I don't do it, I get cranky. I'm a real runner now."

I really liked the story that Kristi told. It was very inspiring to me. I think to myself, I can do that! I have a route that is a little over 3 miles long. I can walk it and do just as she did, pick out a goal place and run to that. I want to be a runner! Thank you Kristi for your story, I see myself and see that you were once in my shoes. I now want to be in your shoes!

I think that I should try to have a 3-4 day a week plan. I want to do my walking route those days and when I get comfortable walking it, start picking out little running areas and over time increase those areas until I am eventually running the entire route!!

I am so thankful for this blog. If I didn't have the idea of "becoming half my size," and the life of this blog in the back of my mind, I would have stopped trying to lose weight long ago. I have a feeling my life is going to change! :)

Next year, at this time, I will be glad I started TODAY!!!

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