Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run a mile in MY shoes...I DID!

Today, as I said I would, I went to the track and to my surprise...I RAN A MILE!! I can not believe I ran the whole time! I went a little ways and thought I'd stop to walk after a little bit. Then I got one time around the track...I thought I'd stop and walk then ...but I didn't...I got around a second time then a third! I only had 1 lap, what did I do? I picked up my pace!! On the last lap I had the wind behind me for a bit of it...pushing me along. Then the last 100 meters came...they were the hardest. The wind was in my face, pushing me back...almost like it wanted me to fail. I went faster and pushed harder, keeping the finish line in my mind. Then I crossed! HUGE smile on my face! I don't think I could even run a mile when I was in track in High School... haha! I didn't run it fast by any means...I finished in 14:45. I took Zoey with me to run around (she loved it) and there was once that I had to stop to get her to come through a break in the fence. It only took me like 10-15 seconds though. It also took me a tiny bit of fumbling to get my iPod/stopwatch out of my pocket to stop it after I crossed the line. I'm not to tied up on the 15 or so seconds that might have been added to my time. I'm mostly proud of myself for A: actually going out and doing it and B: for surprising even myself and running the whole time!

Today was the London Marathon. Wouldn't that be awesome to go to!! The winner ran in a little over 2 hours! I can not imagine how fast you'd have to go to run 26 miles in 2 hours! That's like a 4.5 min mile! WOWZERS! Good Job!

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