Sunday, April 25, 2010

$$$ = Motivation!

How about a little cash to motivate me! A group of about 8 or 9 people are entering a little cross-country weight loss competition!

It starts TODAY! Although, I'm going to weigh in tomorrow because I plan on using the scale in MRI at work. I think that scale is the most reliable and I'm always there so I can use it every week. We are going to keep track of our percentage weight lost and also inches lost over our body. We are going to measure our upper arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and calves. For every percentage lost you get 10 points and for every overall inch lost you get 10 points. We are putting $30 in a "pot" to start out with and every week, the person with the lowest percentage lost has to put $5 in. Anyone that loses 0 pounds has to put $5 in. It's going to last 12 weeks! The last day will be July 18th. On that day, the person with the most points, WINS!

So, lets talk Goals: I haven't weighed in yet but.... let's say I'm 330lbs now. I think I can lose 20% body weight in 12 weeks... that's 66 lbs! That would mean 5.5 lbs a week to lose and at the end of 12 weeks a weight of 264! That's a weight I haven't seen since well before I got pregnant with Brayden. Actually, it's more like what I was after gaining the Freshman 20. HA!

I have no idea what to expect of myself for inches lost goal. I think that as long as I can fit into some of my old jeans...I'll be happy! Actually...I want to "fit" into my old jeans but I definitely want to get new jeans! That would be a perfect gift to myself. :)

Mandey (our competition coordinator) also suggests taking pictures along the way. I'll have to do that, too!

Today, what I want to do is go to the track in Mapleton and run a mile. I'd like to see how long it takes me to run a mile and after the competition, do it again, and see how much I improve. I like the idea of seeing how far I've come.

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