Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hey everyone!  I know it's been awhile.  I wanted to stop back in and give a little update.  I'm currently almost 28 weeks pregnant... time is flying by!!  To date I've gained 20 lbs from my first Dr's appointment to the most recent one a little more than I was hoping for but not too bad.  Lately my gym life has been nonexistent.  I actually canceled my membership.  I still have the rest of this month to use it, so I'm going to try to get in there a few days to make it worthwhile.  I just haven't been using it and really, it's been a waste of money.  I figured it's getting nice out so I will probably be trying to get outside more anyways.  Lately, any extra time in my day I've tried to spend either sleeping or (if I have the energy) cleaning.  I know, I'm sure if I did a little exercise I'd probably have more energy... but I currently just don't have it in me.  Luckily, my place of employment has a bonus with this gym that you get a free membership signup!  So, this isn't goodbye, YMCA... It's just, cya later! :)

I have been a little... worried... about how my body will be after this baby is born.  I won't be able to start up Take Shape for Life right away.  I'm really trying to save any extra money I can.  I guess I might have to do it "the old fashioned way" ...I'm hoping it's something I will allow myself  to follow.  I've never been very good at keeping up with eating right.  For some reason, though, I was able to keep up with TSFL... so, if I can get back into that mindset... I know I will do well (probably just not as fast).

I'm not the only one with up's and down's ... my friend Andrea has been struggling, too.  Her and her husband are in the process of moving into a new home and doing a little remodeling.  I know that she will get in her groove... it might take a little extra time, but she will.  Here are the latest 2 video's.

Andrea Fleck - Week 4
Andrea Fleck - Week 5

Success story!  My SISTER is working hard!  She broke up with her boyfriend (actually fiance, but I never really wanted to admit they were engaged... haha) in December.  Soon after, she started coming to the gym, working out and probably eating healthier.  I got her hooked on the Expresso bike, I think she's been walking (or at least she went for a walk the other night), and she started Brazil Butt Lift.  I don't know a lot about that workout program but apparently it works!!  I have no clue how much weight she's lost but she's looking great!  I'd bet she's lost somewhere around 30 lbs!  Rough estimate of her heaviest is probably close to 200 lbs.  I should see if she took any "before" pictures ... maybe she'd let me post them?! :)

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  1. Your sister is awesome! Glad to hear your baby is growing and healthy. Rest up, you will need all the rest you can get!