Thursday, January 31, 2013

Andrea's Getting Fit!

Check out one of my best friends, Andrea!!  She was chosen to be apart of a local Get Fit Challenge.  I'm so excited for her!  Excited that she was chosen and excited that she is working for herself to be healthier.  She is so brave to put herself on TV and and admit to everyone that she is overweight.  That takes a lot of guts!!  To be honest, I've never looked at her and thought of her as overweight... but maybe that's because I've always been so worried about how I look that I don't look at my friends in that way.

Here is the link to the first segment that was on TV.  Andrea Week 1

Andrea just got married last May.  She had a beautiful and fun wedding.  She has two little girls and is getting ready to move into a new house.  She is one busy mama, but I know she will succeed because she is a really strong woman, with more confidence than just about anyone I know.  I will try to keep you updated on her progress.  I figured it would be good to post about the success of another since I'm not losing weight.

Speaking of, I had an appointment yesterday and I'm back to what I was at my first appointment.  I feel like I've gained weight in the last 8 weeks!  It's hard to believe I'm already about 1/2 way through!!  I can't decide if I'm lucky or not that this baby will be born in the summer.  Will I be able to get out a lot and go for walks and whatnot or will I be stuck inside with a baby all summer?  I want to get the garden going, but will I be able to get into it and weed?  I'd like to say I will and that the vegetables I get from the garden will be great to have when I'm on maternity leave.  I really wish I had some squash or green beans or fresh grape tomatoes right now.... and I really hope our carrots this year turn out as delicious as they did last year!  The year before, they were kinda duds.  Today it is fffrrreeezzzing outside!!!  I'm excited for spring and summer just to get away from this frigidness!!

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  1. Awe that is exciting to have a healthy baby and your gain back to 0.

    Very excited to see your friend's progress :)