Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guess What?!?!

So... I'm sure at least 1 of you has wondered where I've been... there are several reasons why I haven't posted lately... it starts with this... 


Now for the reasons... the major being, I haven't been losing (obviously) but I also haven't even come close to maintaining... I've taken my pregnancy as a free ticket to eat whatever I want, whenever I want.  Currently, I almost have a better rate of gain than a prize winning 4H steer!!  But luckily, it's still early, I can save myself!  My sister just text me and wants to shed a few pounds before a big event in her life and we both have memberships to the same gym.  We decided to start tomorrow!!  I know I will feel great getting back in my routine of getting to the gym.  

I've also been sooo tired!  I don't get the nausea and vomiting that most soon-to-be mommy's get but I get very fatigued.

Also, I feel like my house has turned into a double mess ...and I need to do some EXTREME de-cluttering before baby get's here.

So, I need a game plan.


#1 Start going to the gym at least 3 times/week.

#2 Start eating smaller meals more frequently (a modified 5&1 plan) ...more like a 4&2, 4 small meals/snacks, and 2 healthy meals consisting of lean protein and green vegetables.  I'm also going to start taking my meals with me to work, instead of going to the cafeteria ... I never come out of there without cookies or some other sort of dessert.

#3 Drink more water (and less pop/soda)  For some reason, I find it easier to grab a pop out of the fridge, even though I buy bottled water.  I remind myself all the time to drink more water, and I've been doing... ok.  I need more though... I probably only get in 1 liter... if I'm lucky.  I'd like to have more like 4 liters/day.  

#4 De-clutter at least one area and keep up with dishes/laundry every day.  This is important!  If I feel like my house is falling apart, I won't go to the gym and will probably end up overeating somewhere along the line.

#5 Keep my bills and checkbook in order.  This is also important!  If I don't, it stresses me out and thus, overeating follows.

I will keep you all updated on what I'm doing for exercising and meals.  I'm also going to set a goal for pregnancy weight gain ... and try to keep in that range.  I think they say overweight women should gain no more than 20 lbs during pregnancy ... truth be told, I'm already over that (I didn't transition well from Medifast to non-medifast and pregnancy)... my goal right now is to maintain.


  1. Congrats!! That is so exciting for you guys!
    I feel ya on the pregnancy weight gain. I gained 50 lbs this past pregnancy. Yikes. I had only gained 30 with the last two. :( I am hoping that breastfeeding gets rid of the 20 I have left...

    Didn't you say before that you guys have a 2 bedroom house? If so, wow- you are a saint!

  2. Yay!! Congratulations!! Very cool! I love your plan too, so stick to it girl!!! You will feel SOOOOO much better sticking to your plan and eating better while you're preggo. And happy pregnancies are so much funner than non-happy ones!