Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wake Up Call

I've been pretty lazy with my blog lately. Let's be honest...I've been pretty lazy lately period! Even though, it's been so nice out I have failed to get myself out there to workout. We as a family have gone on walks now and then but it's at a slow pace and we usually stop somewhere so the actual time walking doesn't amount to much. I do LOVE that we've started going on walks as a family though. It feels good to get everyone out of the house and exercise.

The wake up call came about 10 minutes ago. I stepped on the scale for the first time in 2 weeks. I have gained weight! I've gained 7 lbs in the last few weeks! GRR! It makes me so upset at myself. I've let myself down. Why? All I know is those few minutes at the scale I spent stepping on and off in disbelief has made me realize that I need to actually work at it if I want to reach my goals.

Speaking of goals... I have gone through my goals a little bit. I changed them and added some. I realize I need to make my goals a little more achievable. Baby steps is key. I do need a few new things like bras, shorts, and jeans. I think I'd like to give myself a little incentive to reach a small goal. How about: Once I've lost 13 lbs (325 lbs) I will get myself a couple new things.

One of my previous goal dates was Sammie's wedding. That was yesterday and I had a blast! I saw so many people that I haven't seen since High School and some that I have seen since then but still love to party with. One new exercise strategy: Bust A Move!! We danced our hearts out last night! I think most of us we dancing the entire time! It would be so easy and fun to just turn up the radio and bust a move! That's one thing Brayden would love! He loves to dance!

This week I am working 3-11's so I think it will be pretty easy to get a workout in. If I really want, it should be no problem for me to workout every day this week. This coming weekend is my cousin's graduation party. It would be nice if I could go to the party feeling good about myself and more confident about my body.

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