Saturday, September 28, 2013


I FINALLY have a day off!!  Just finished a 9 day stretch... phew!  Thankfully, I really like my job... but I like my family more and I have a mountain of laundry and both kitchen sinks plus a little on the counter is filled with dishes... the never ending jobs (luckily I can't get fired from those! haha)

My sister got my hooked on Jillian Michaels podcasts.  They are free on iTunes.  She downloaded them all onto my iTunes and subscribed me so I will get her new weekly podcast every week.  I put them all on my iPod and hook it up to my car and listen on my drive to and from work.  I've listened to about 10 of them already!  There is a lot of really interesting information that she covers.  She has her endocrinologist, Dr V, on and she speaks about a lot of interesting things.  She talked about diabetes and the difference between Type 1 and Type 2, about thyroid disease, and the importance of sleep.  They were interesting to me since my grandma had diabetes (Type 2, probably), my dad has hypothyroidism, and I sometimes don't get what I feel is enough sleep.  These are the reasons why health is so important... way more important than the vanity of it.  The end of her podcasts end with caller questions.  Those usually are pretty interesting as well.  The best part, for me, about listening to them is it puts me into a healthful mindset during the day.  I think I make at least a few better choices during the day... for instance, yesterday I purchased organic broccoli... I've never even considered buying organic before.  Jillian is always talking about buying organic and how everything else has tons of chemicals all over and in them.  I have always figured eating broccoli (or other produce) was good, whether it was organic or not.  It was only 10 cents more so I decided to give it a try.

Speaking of my sister... I should do a post just about her!  She is working so hard and is doing so well at getting in shape.  She discovered my blog, so... Molly, give a shout-out if you wouldn't mind being the spotlight! :)

Yes I said discovered... I really haven't told many of my friends or family about my blog.  A few have discovered it and that's fine.  This whole thing Jillian talked about in a podcast, actually.  I never really told anyone or talked a lot about my blog.  I guess it's because if I fail, I don't want the people I care about to judge me on that failure.  But... (like Jillian said) everyone fails at something, it just may not be proven by being visualized on their body.  That really doesn't make it any easier, but it's something I can think about.


  1. What a champ...9 days in a row! Sounds like you are doing the best for your fam with small changes, great job!

  2. I don't mind being in the spotlight! It's totally lame that I'm just reading this post now though! I'm glad you like the podcasts. I just think that she's really no-nonsense and makes it super easy to understand. And she really knows what she's talking about!!